10 March 2012

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The good Dr Michael left early this morning to meet his ex-wife Elizabeth at Stansted airport. They were both going on to London where Mick was seeing Elizabeth off on the Eurostar to Paris before catching his own plane back to Australia.

I heard from three of my regular readers yesterday morning that a warning has appeared on my site to the effect that it might be infected with virus..

This is a repeat of what happened three days ago .Fortunately none of them had the button to remove the virus which would have had the effect of letting me hack into their computer. Instead, they sensibly switched off their computer and informed me. The first time this had happened two or three weeks ago I had contacted my Webmaster, Richard Morris and he had dealt with it, I thought once and for all, but it seems that the same people had a second attempt. Richard is now once more on the case and when he gets back to the office on Monday morning will sort out the problem and hopefully get Google to remove the warnings from all references to my site. The downside is that Richard will have to impose some tighter virus proof walls on my side which will restrict me from video is and U tube extracts which have proved to be very fine and popular in the past. I will still be able to add jokes and photographs. It is a great pity that we are now limited in the material I can add to the site, merely as a precautionary tactic, but better safe than sorry. I do hope that none of my readers were inconvenienced too much by this unfortunate episode. Sadly I have probably lost several hundred or even thousands of my regular readers who quite reasonably did not wish to run the risk of picking up a virus from my site but I am assured that once Richard has dealt with it, again, on Monday morning, there should be no longer a threat.

Gone then are the days of the U Tube or other amusing items. Instead the readers will have to put up with the jokes and photographs. I suppose we have been lucky so far as we have a feast of good material already on the blog.

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