11 March 2012

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The good Dr Michael is now well on the way back to Australia but he is a worried man and certainly came see the results of the tests carried out on son Tom who was recently diagnosed recently was multiple myeloma (see 7 March entry). I must admit that I also am very interested in the results of these tests as Tom is a dear boy, not yet 50, and I’ve got to know him over the years and grown fond of him.

On the home front our government are preparing to enact legislation which will allow mixed race adoption which to date has been illegal. We have the craziest situation in this country at present with thousands of young couples willing and able to adopt a small child, or baby and have been unable to do so because they were not the same ethnic group as a child. In today’s society a coloured child in a white family, or vice versa, does not cause a stir than it once might have done. Since we have become more multicultural there have inevitably been a lot of mixed marriages where the resultant children bear the signs.

Under the current legislation when such couples break up or are unable to support these children, or they have been removed for other reasons, it has been impossible for a white couple to adopt them. Fortunately that now appears to be changing and bringing some sense into the adoption laws.

On the international front, the problems over a possible Greek default on payment of their debts, seem to have subsided pro tem. As a result the stock markets around the world have virtually recovered all of their losses which occurred when the possible default was first mentioned. I still think we are in for a bumpy ride for the rest of this year so we’ll just hang on and hope for the best. In any event our state pensions, which include me and my darling wife, will enjoy’ a leap’ of £5 a week, from next April. As we are both pensioners this generous increase, after tax, will be sufficient to pay for one credit crunch lunch at The Cricketers next door, so we are not getting too excited about the prospect.

Reverting to the international news, England had a magnificent win over France in the Six Nations Rugby International 24-22. It was a fine fast moving game that England well-deserved to win.

‘ My lovely’ and I had a quiet day catching up on things that had accumulated in her absence.

Today’s joke illustrates a problem that all of us with week hands and arms might face from time to time. Even If we have  hopefully we have learned to laugh at ourselves  Click here to see if you have ever been in this position and if not then thank your lucky stars!

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