16 March 2012

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Another milestone day. Our
49th wedding anniversary.
I remember the day well.
I have arrived back, on Friday evening, from a three-week ski holiday in Zermatt and St Moritz, played squash on Saturday morning and got married at 2.00 at Holy Trinity Brompton-but that’s another story, other than to say that the best place for any prospective bridegroom is to keep out of the way while the girls get into a flap making a last-minute arrangements

Some time ago, having no idea how long I had left, I set myself a series of targets, my birthday; Christmas; our wedding anniversary and so on. Well here’s another one. The ultimate goal will be the next wedding anniversary, the big five O.

We don’t make a big deal about swapping presents as anything we really need we can buy for ourselves and I am in no position to shop around to buy’ my lovely, a surprise present. Usually I end up by giving her something from her box of antiques she has purchased during the year to give as presents to family and friends. There is usually something in there that she would really love to keep herself which I wrote then pay for and tuck it away. Then I won’t get it wrapped and given to her on the appropriate day. It does seem rather pathetic, particularly when it comes to the greetings card but really there is no other way unless one of the children happens to be around at the time and can give me a hand. Fortunately I do have a little hoard of greetings cards for all occasions which have been bought by me so at least that is something she has not seen before. When it comes to inscribing some loving words, if one of the children is not around to do it for me, it seems awful but I have to dictate them to Alice. But there you are, needs must, when the devil drives. Better that way than not bothering to give each other presents on anniversaries and Christmas. There’s always Christian Doir to fall back on in emergencies!

This year I have given to ‘my lovely’ a charming little multi-coloured enamel bird. She bought one for daughter Chloe, some time ago and admired it so much that she thought she would like to keep it, so it became obvious present to buy and spirit away. For the man who has everything ‘my lovely’ cleverly bought me a fine cashmere blanket which is as light as a feather which I shall be able to use on my bed in the summer, Weight being something we try to avoid, as a turning in bed becomes more difficult the heavier the bedclothes; a. box of scrummy chocolates; and, oh yes she insisted I opened a bottle of champagne which, as she does not drink herself, I had to enjoy on my own.

No doubt if I do manage to reach our golden wedding anniversary, which seems an awful long way off at the moment, I will shall set further targets at the time, but nothing too ambitious. What have we got in between?’ Well there’s ‘my lovely’s’ birthday on May 21; various matches at Lord’s starting with 18 May and finishing on my birthday, 18th of August. Following that we have Christmas and then the final few weeks to 16 March 2013. In addition to these there will be the various distractions of the Olympic Games and our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, plus half a dozen or so lunches already booked at, The Cricketers, so it’s going to be quite an interesting year.

My friend Paul, the computer’, came round for a couple of hours this afternoon and we are now working on to new projects one to establish some dedicated Voice Commands for the 7000 tracks in my music collection and something which Paul is quite confident he can do with the minimum of trouble and expense and that is linking my laptop to our television set so that in the evenings, if there is nothing better to watch, I can put on the odd film for ‘my lovely’. Or even use ‘catch up’ to show her something she would like to watched but didn’t because it went over our bedtime call from my carers. Paul is absolutely brilliant the way he comes up with ways of resolving any such problems and seems to be able to cobble together relatively inexpensive electronic items to achieve his objective I am so lucky to have such a good knowledgeable friend.

Much as I love the girls,  there are some you can’t possibly please what ever innocent pastime you might take up also click here for a typical example, wife who even objected to her husband going fishing.  How unreasonable can you get !

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