18 March 2012

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18 March 2012

Following on from my comments yesterday on Rees Mogg’s article in The Times, ‘ Protect traditional marriage for which children’s sake’, ‘my lovely’ presented me with a full-page advertisement from The Times, placed by Coalition for Marriage, claiming that 70% of people say keep marriage as it is. It goes on to say’ ‘.We agree politicians should not be meddling with one of our great national institutions. 190,000 people have sigmed our petition in favour of keeping the definition of marriage unchanged. Whilst fully recognising the rights and views of others, we’re asking you to support us. If you want to keep the true meaning of marriage as it is, and has been for thousands of years say “I do” – by signing our petition at C4M.org.uk. It concludes with the following exhortation.

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION. Visit c4m.org.uk today.

Alice and I, intended to sign the petition. I did so first but when it came to Alice, as she had no e-mail address of her own, and they refused to accept mine on her behalf, she was unable to sign the petition and added her voice to the 240,000 or so other people who feel strongly about the subject. Shere must be thousands of elderly people who have experienced the value of marriage over a long period, who feel strongly about this and would like to add their voice to the exhortation but are unable to due to the lack of an e-mail address. I think it is an impertinence to suggest that everybody should have an e-mail address. No doubt the petition was drafted by a young person. It is the same as someone you have just met asking for your mobile telephone number and then looking at you as though you live on a different planet because you do not have one. Again a great number of elderly people do not have a mobile telephone number by choice. Why should people assume that everyone has one? Anyway in such a survey the promoters will lose a few thousand votes but we have done our best to support it. I think there’s another petition in here somewhere if the petitioners have enough energy to pursue it!

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