20 March 2012

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Today is the last day of winter or looked at the other way the first day of spring. Why today? Well, when Julius Caesar established his calendar in 45 BC it set March 25 as the spring equinox – the time when the length of day and night are roughly equal. (is the Latin for equal) Between 4th and 16th century, the calendar drifted with respect, sites that it began occurring on or about March 21st. It was finally fixed for March 20 by being Gregorian calendar.

Today did not let us down, it was a lovely spring day falling on a Tuesday and I am delighted to say that I was able to go to the golf club, ride around the course, in my her as a electric wheelchair, then sit outside with a drink and a small cigar before going into lunch. Heaven! It was great seeing so many of my old pals again who as always generously made me very welcome particularly John Gray who not only fed me but also struggled to get my warm jacket on after lunch so I could enjoy another half-hour out in the sunshine.

Between leaving at 10 o’clock and returning at 3.30 the garden was transformed. Hundreds of daffodils and other spring flowers had opened up and the garden was a sight to see.

.Let us hope it is another nice day tomorrow for my mother and Richard’s visit.

I know that technology seems to throw up something new almost every day but. I was amazed when I saw a talking telephone on television. That is a telephone with which you can actually hold a conversation. It claims to have 695 million facts and growing all the time. However the conversation that was demonstrated did not confine itself to facts. For example, the demonstrator asked the telephone why it was called Evi, .answer’ Because my creators thought that that was a good name’, .

Talking of new ideas, yesterday, I received an e-mail, from one of my golfing buddies attached to which was a site of medical explanations. In fact the site is from the National Library of Medicine which is under the National Institute of Health, and as such, is from the US government. Basically it has a long list of ailments or illnesses from which to select. You merely click on it to get a video explanation. It uses animated graphics for each tutorial! On each procedure or condition the site has An Interactive Tutorial; a Self Playing Tutorial and the Text Summary Each illness or condition has simple to understand explanations under the following typical headings:




Symptoms and Causes

Treatment Options

Preventative Measures

Surgical Treatment


After the Surgery



A truly helpful for site which I intend to keep on my desktop. I suggest you either do that or add it to your favourites. You will find it extremely useful to understand precisely what is wrong with one of your friends when they are diagnosed with one of the listed conditions were illnesses. Incidentally MND is covered by
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Click here and see how useful this site is for your.

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