22 March 2012

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Another uncomfortable night in bed with sporadic periods of pain in the usual places. By now I would have hoped that the injections, I had at the pain clinic in Addenbrookes, would have kicked in. I suppose the alternative, if these injections have not done the trick, would be to increase the dosage of painkillers taken just before I go to bed. I shall put it to the pain consultant, Mark Abraham, when I see him within the next couple of weeks

T had he extraordinary thing about the joint pains is that they disappear completely once I am up so I was able to enjoy an absolutely beautiful spring day. I’m lucky to have a window, close to where I sit all day, overlooking our paddock and a small part of the garden Peter’ in the gardener’ afternoon gives a friendly tap on the glass when he passes by. Through this window I’m able to see what is going on and, in particular, the changing seasons. In just two days all the daffodils have suddenly burst into flower and the birds are busy courting and nest building, so as far as they are concerned spring has arrived. In fact, yesterday was officially the beginning of spring.

Claire, one of the district nurses, came again today to dress my sebaceous cyst. She was pleased with the progress of the draining but there still remains doubt as to whether regular dressing will clear it completely and, if not, then I fear it is another trip to hospital to have it cut out under local anaesthetic. While Claire was here I asked her about the pressure cushion that I had requested for my NHS lounger. She promised to chase it up but said that they were unable to recommend the top of the NHS range, inflatable Roho cushion until I had tried out the next one up, from that which I already have. Presumably it’s another sort of sponge.. Why should I qualify for the more expensive, Roho cushion in my wheelchair and not for the chair I sit in 11 to 12 hours a day seemed strange to me. (In fact, we have transferred the wheelchair cushion to the lounger, pro tem, as it seems to fit perfectly. I have noticed an improvement but even then during the last hour before I go to bed it starts to get very uncomfortable). In any event, I asked her if she could check if it was necessary to adjust the air, in the individual pockets, of the Roho wheelchair cushion as I suspect I have lost quite a lot of weight since the computer calculated my pressure points.

Hot on Claire’s heels came the optician knowing my new glasses.

A late afternoon telephone call from Claire, to say that she has been able, after all, to order a Roho for my NHS lounger. She also said that the suppliers have told her that it is unnecessary to change the pressure spots in the existing one, despite me having lost weight. This seemed strange to me, particularly as first time round they made me sit on a plastic sheet connected to their portable computer and from that they calculated what air to put in which cells. It’s not that I didn’t believe Claire but I was curious to satisfy myself on this point so I will give the manufacturers a ring tomorrow..

No doubt most of my readers have come across the arrogance of authority in one form or another. Click here to see how this gentleman got his comeuppance. I must stress that this has nothing to do with the substance of this particular entry. The people I have dealt with, including Claire the district nurse, could not have been kinder or more helpful.

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