30 March 2012

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I had a really bad night again. Both shoulders knees and hips at some stage or another and frequently at the same time. I really must get to the bottom of the cause of this and will speak to the pain consultant during our telephone consultation, next Tuesday

We were pleased to hear from Richard that their electricity had been installed and thus the house was warm once again. There ought to be some liaison between social services and the electrical company identifying many elderly people at risk when there is a power cut. At least Social Security: could ensure that they get hot meal fire Meals on Wheels and keep an eye on how they manage to keep warm.

I fear the fortnight of beautiful well is coming to an end and we are going to be plunged back into winter next week where we enjoyed temperatures as I as 24°C, Tuesday of next week is forecast to be 8°C, a pretty dramatic drop in such a short time. The meteorological office is even talking of the possibility of sleep and snow next week which is what one would normally expect at this time of year except that we had been spoiled by this brief period of unseasonable weather. Anyway this has put pay to my Tuesday visit to the golf club.

Edward’ the tax adviser’, dropped in yesterday having checked over the monstrous tax demand that I received last week and sadly confirmed that it seemed to me okay. At least I will not have to find the money that they will merely deducted at source from this year’s pension.

Heard from and Anne and Geoffrey Waite, old Australian friends from the mid-50s who I stayed with at Barwon Heads, Victoria on my last visit they are coming to see us towards the end of May and will probably stay at the. Cricketers B&B at the gate. They have made a number of visits here over the years, the earliest being recorded by a photograph of hands little girl (as she was then) and a five-year-old miles, clamouring about on the climbing frame over the sandpit which was located close to the kitchen window. It will be great fun to see them both again and I any regret that I will not be strong enough to devote the time that they did with me in Australia, to showing them around and giving them a good time

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