6 April 2012-Good Friday

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The beginning of the Easter holiday and one of the most important days in the Christian calendar for those who believe. Although sunny and bright. There was a chilly wind so sadly I was prohibited, by ‘my lovely’ to spend time in the garden. I’m sure she’s right. Having come through two winters without catching a cold it would be crazy to risk it and this late stage. Chloe, Karl and family came down to lunch with Karl and the children leaving mid-afternoon leaving Chloe to spend some time with me and return home tomorrow. It’s a two-way win-win situation. Chloe can certainly do with some respite from her three children and her busy working life and it is lovely for me to spend a little time with her without outside distractions.

We had lunch almost as soon as they arrived, then children were out in the garden letting off steam. The boys playing football with their dad and Lara going through her ‘gymnastics’ routine, for the benefit of her doting grandparents –cartwheels, crabs and some rather floppy handstands. It was lovely for me sitting in the breakfast room watching all their antics through the French windows. Shortly after that they all went off to a shop, in the village, called Fish Fish Fish. Sebastian, being proud owner of an aquarium was able to find one or two bits and pieces to submerge in the tank to make it an ever more exciting place to live for the fish. On the way back from the Fish shop they spent half an hour or so in the adventure playground on the Jubilee field and then back for tea before Karl took the children home, leaving Chloe to spend a little time with us on our own. A happy interlude, particularly for me to see the children at regular intervals developing their own personalities.

Chloe bought some photographs and videos with her of recent activities by Seb and Lara which, among other things, included they are part in in end of term show.

First of all we heard playing any solo drum piece. I must say, I was very impressed with his maintenance of the rhythm throughout. I thought of a very accomplished performance from a nine-year-old. Apparently the audience gave him a wonderful standing ovation at the end of it but sadly, Karl and switched off the camera by that time. Then there was little Lara, at at seven years old, singing a solo piece from Oliver. Okay, so one or two of the notes were a little flat, but on the whole she did very well and what a great boost for the confidence to be able to stand up in front of the whole school and all the parents and perform so competently. I am very proud of both. Many adults I know would quake at the idea of speaking or performing solo in front of a large crowd people so augers well for these two that day and the confidence to do so. Provided they don’t lose it, it will prove to be a great asset in whatever you decide to do with their lives.

The other half of the family, Smiler and Kimberly, went off to spend a few days in our Welsh cottage. Fortunately they do not mind a bit of rain which can almost be guaranteed in Wales!.

The day did not start off terribly well as, when I was being showered by my carers , a painful reaction to the water on my sebaceous cyst led us to inspect it and we discovered that it had burst. As my appointment at Bishops Stortford hospital, to have it cut out, is not until the end of April, Carla, one of my carers, made a call to the district nurses to request a visit from them to dress it. They came mid-morning and I put it to them then it might be sensible if we were to try to bring forward the hospital date for it to be cut, otherwise we might risk the chance of it going septic. Whilst they did not think there was much chance under going septic unless I caught an infection, they agreed to consult with my GP, Dr Lort, about the possibility of an earlier hospital appointment.

The cricket season is upon us and it would be remiss of me not to mention the test match in Sri Lanka where we have seen some magnificent batting from the English team. The star of the show was Kevin Peiterson, who scored a superb 151, with six 6’s and sixteen 4’s giving Sri Lanka the task of marking up 181 runs just to pull even with England

For once I do not believe it appropriate end this entry with a joke. Is it time for reflection and considering the suffering of others. For example, we in England shuld all be thankful that we were not victims of an earthquake, tsunami, flood etc. To this end click here to see pictures of Japan, six months ago.

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