7 April 2012

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Due to on-going problems with Google the domain where my site is located has been hacked into again. This means that all websites associated with this host can have their hits redirected for this site to site of the hackers choice, usually a commercial one. It is therefore important that, for the time being at least, you DO NOT USE GOOGLE SEARCH to open this blog. Instead type www.dmarkcato.com directly into your web browsers address bar at the top left-hand corner of your desktop window. You could also add this blog to your favourites or even put an icon on your desktop; both would avoid you opening a corrupt site. This is the fourth time this hacker has had a go at this domain and hopefully my Webmaster would be able to put sufficiently security items in place to avoid it happening again.

With the family gone and just Chloe, we were able to spend a very peaceful morning together. She helped me sort out some of the update pages for the blog and also my tickets, for various people, who I have invited to Lord’s this year.

The media is full of The Titanic – the largest and most luxurious ship afloat – as it was in April 1912, when this ‘unsinkable’ ship, on its maiden voyage , a struck an iceberg, which made a gash, halfway along one side, causing five of the nine watertight compartments to flood, with the inevitable result that the ship eventually sank. The loss of life was around 1500 with a little more than 700 saved. On this anniversary, old rivalries have been resurrected and blame attributed to various people who have long since departed this life and are unable to defend themselves. I think I am right in saying that there is still one person alive, who was actually saved or so she was or two ago, having been a baby at the time of the disaster

A modern time disaster occurred today. It was the 158th. Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge. Oxford was the bookies favourite but the two boats went side-by-side to the halfway mark with scarcely a quarter of the boat between them. At that point some idiot, seeking publicity against Elitism appeared in the River virtually under the Oxford oars. The race was stopped and restarted at exactly the halfway point. Within a few yards, however, the Oxford boat got to close to the Cambridge boat and there was a clash of all is which broke off the blade of one of the Oxford crew. After that it was a one horse race with Cambridge creaming his way home unchallenged. The Oxford cox raised her hand challenging the referee’s decision but he was quite clear that the fault clearly lay with the Oxford boat and therefore the decision stood with Cambridge coming out as the winners.

We seem to have been utterly spoiled this Easter with a dozen or so Easter cards and some very nice Easter presents; a simnel traditional cake from Jane’ that sheep’. This marzipan covered fruit cake was traditionally given as a gift at Easter. This one had the 11 egg-shaped around-ran the edge, one for each of the 12 disciples except Judas. In addition, we were given a lovely bunch of flowers and a box of genuine Turkish delight from Jane and David Curtis and found on our doorstep at six o’clock last night was a bottle of pink champagne and some delicious chocolates from Alice’s friend, Alice Everard. What generous souls they all are.

Chloe left shortly after lunch when Paul ‘the computer’ arrived to take over from 3 hours to allow Alice to get out shopping etc. Before she went Chloe downloaded some videos of the children taking part in Easter activities at school. The star of the show, I gather, was possibly grandson Seb. playing a solo piece on drums. When I watched the video of his performance I must say I was immensely impressed with his rhythm and technique. I do hope he keeps this up as it is clear he has a real talent. Then we saw dear little Lara singing a solo piece from Oliver which again was pretty good. I don’t think she’s ready to enter the X factor yet but she made a good stab at it only missing the odd note or two. It is quite an achievement for a little said the stand-up on the stage, all alone, except for a teacher who sat by her side on the floor, to face up to the entire school and parents-two or 300 people-without showing any signs of nervousness. Both Seb. And Lara will have gained a great deal in personal confidence from their performances, much to their credit and that of the music teacher at the school.

There are many adults, I know in life, who would not subject themselves to the same potentially embarrassing situation so much credit to these little ones. As a special treat to all my readers I and named attempt to include Seb’s drum solo. Click here to see if you agree with me that was a pretty good effort for a 10-year-old. April 2012

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