9 April 2012

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Easter Monday, is traditionally a Bank Holiday. For the shopaholics, who complained bitterly that they were not allowed to shop on Easter Sunday, it means that they can now satisfy their urge go shopping for ‘bargains’ – how sad! In our case there was still the Arts and Craft Exhibition in the village hall which might satisfy some people. Incidentally, I was reminded that, we have not had a hot cross bun over this Easter break and so, I got, ‘my lovely” to toast one for me at tea time and smother it with Peter ‘the garden’ mother’s raspberry jam. Ever since she discovered my love of raspberries she has very kindly sent me a jar every year since.

We were ‘confined to barracks’ today as much by the miserable weather is anything else. In any event, we were expecting two visitors this morning for coffee. My regular readers may recall Barry and Denise who took me down to Cornwall last May for the wedding of my niece, Augusta, and a week or so after our return Barry was rushed into hospital and underwent some serious surgery on his back. Naturally, at the time we thought that lifting me from the car to the wheelchair, plus other transfers, may have been the cause of his problem. Fortunately it turned out that it was nothing to do with us but something which had been building up for sometime. Coming from a time when he was virtually paralysed Barry has made a miraculous recovery and continues his taxi service. As we were one of his best clients, it was nice of him, and his wife Denise, to arrange to drop in and see us over this Easter holiday. Sadly, Barry rang up at the last minute to say that they had both woken up with streaming colds and under the circumstances did not think it was very wise to come and see me. People are very considerate like that as an infection in my lungs could turn into pneumonia and carry me off. So, we left it that we would make a new arrangement when they were both better.

Immediately after lunch Paul ‘the computer’ came round for a couple of hours. We worked out a couple of macro commands to make life easier for me and worked our way through the shortlist of other problems which have cropped up from time to time. Silly things like losing the icons in the taskbar, or the bottom tray which I tend to call it, which I now know, can be recovered by pressing F11. Another thing that I’ve always had problem is with getting Times New Roman 12 as a default font in the various programmes; Word; Outlook; DragonPad and so on. Windows 7 is an extremely sophisticated programme which most users, including me, do not begin to exploit anyway near its full potential. Another thing I was keen to do was to change one or two or of the standard icons into something more suggestive of its purpose.

Heard from the good Doctor Michael that son Tom – who was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma – is responding well to treatment, which is a great relief to us all.

That reminded me of a joke I received the other day entitled Sick Leave. Not one of the funniest I received to date but probably worth a chuckle. Click here  and see if you agree.

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