20 April 2012

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Not a brilliant night but not as bad as some. I’m looking forward to trying out these slow-release pain patches recommended by my MND team.

For some reason, which I had not been able to fathom, when I tried to boot up this morning, I had no success at all. I then unplugged everything knowing that I had last used the laptop at Addenbrookes waiting for my appointment when it was working perfectly well. This time it did boot up and a pop-up message told me that Dragon had become corrupted. (Heaven knows how, I know people say you can catch more than you bargained for when you go into hospital, but I certainly did not expect that to extend to my laptop!). Anyway, this clever laptop having told me I had a problem, offered to repair for me and after a few moments culminating with a message inviting me to restore to an earlier date when everything was working, I did so to the day before and all was well except correcting the corrupt Dragon file.

I got in touch with technical team at Dragon and they offered to send me e-mail instructions which would enable me to repair the corrupted user profile file. The e-mail from Dragon never arrived so I opened a new profile and trained it all in about 10 min and it worked perfectly well for yesterday’s blog.

When Dragon do get round to sending me the other e-mail instructions I can always delete this second profile. (In the event, their e-mail did arrive later in the morning and as Paul, ‘the computer’, was here, I got him to do it for me. It’s not that I couldn’t do it myself but only having one finger, and perhaps finding some instructions difficult to do by voice, there was no point in me exhausting myself when there was somebody more competent than myself available to do it for me. Anyway, we’re up again and running)

I gave my personal laptop to Richard, my mother’s husband. He is 93 and since I introduced him to a computer, it has opened up a whole new world for him. As he is rather tied to the house, with my mother in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, this is a real blessing for him. Up to now he has been working with an old computer and it has some sort of problem, so rather than waste money getting someone round to trying to repair it I had my personal laptop set up for him.

In many ways it’s better than the 17 inch Dell that I’m currently working on. It’s a little bit slower and only has a ¼. Gig of RAM it certainly will satisfy Richard’s requirements. Anyway, Paul kindly removed all the files personal data leaving essential programmes there, so all Richard has to do is to plug it in, and put his password in for his server and he should be up and running.

The Foreign Secretary, Terasa May, seems to have got herself into a muddle again over the expiry date for Abu Qatada to appeal against his deportation to Jordan, from the decision of the European Court of Human Rights. There Is a big row going on as to whether the expiry of the appeal period from the decision of the ECHR was midnight on the 16 April or the 17th. As a result the whole process seems to be in the melting pot again and that wretched man is threatening to sue the Foreign Secretary for false arrest and the judge who dealt with it previously says that she may have to release this man within two or three days. What a nonsense and at what cost to the taxpayer?

Some friends of my son Miles are doing, amazing sponsored climb in Snowdonia this coming August in memory of their good friend Andrew “Kanga” John, who died of MND. Nine of “Kanga’s” friends are attempting to climb 15 of the highest peaks in Snowdonia within a 24-hour period, next August. The proceeds of this activity are to be given to the MND Association. May I please appeal to my readers to support these lads who are very kindly going to great length to raise money for the Association, in memory of their friend who was obviously very popular.

Click on the following link to find out more about this appeal and then please get out your cheque-book all credit card out and make a donation. In doing so just imagine what it would be like if you, or one of your nearest and dearest, was struck down by this dreadful disease. In anticipation, I thank you all very much for your generosity


  Here is  another thing  on which to exercise your imagination.  Imagine thrusting your hand and arm into the mouth of a boa constrictor in an attempt to capture it to provide food for you and your tribe. Click here to see this amazing video.

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