21 April 2012

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Not a brilliant night despite the change in my medication. However, Doctor Chris Allen had prescribed some pain patches which Alice had picked up yesterday from Boots the chemist but and forgotten to mention to me. So I did not have the benefit of that patch last night. We asked our carers if they would put one on for me but apparently they’re not allowed to, and said that there other patients, who used these pain patches, had the district nurse to pop in to stick it on on. It seems to be making a big deal out of a simple patch but then as we had little choice we rang the district nurse and she was quite happy for Alice to do it. So around 10 o’clock this morning we got the first one on, which stays for seven days. So, let us see if that does the trick.

I was thinking about my dear daughter this morning and asked ‘my lovely’ when I would see her (she reminded me that she had only recently been down, I hope I’m not losing my marbles!). Then, an hour or two later Chloe rang me for a chat, it was almost psychic. Karl had apparently taken Seb and half a dozen of his school friends to Thorpe Park. I’m not sure what happens there but I gather it is some sort of theme park which the boys enjoy. I hope they don’t get too wet as the weather over these past few days has been very changeable.

We desperately need this rain anyway as this East Anglian region has already imposed a hosepipe ban. It’s all very well living in the driest and warm as part of the country but it does have its drawbacks. Fortunately we have two large way rainwater butts which is fine for watering the tomatoes and cucumbers and flowers by hand but of course pretty useless on over an acre of grass.

From an utterly selfish point of view, this rather changeable weather, which is now colder than the norm for this time of year, is no good for me. I really need to me and around 15°C with no chilly wind before I go back to my regular visits to the geriatric golf on Tuesdays.

Speaking of golf, click here and amuse yourself by watchimg the following clip.


  • Christine from BC says:

    Oh, the video of the golfer did make me laugh. Having just dusted off my golf clubs and ventured out to the practise tee this past week, it was most appropriate. Mind you, being a woman, I enjoy playing off the lady’s tee for my FIRST shot!

  • DMC says:

    Good to hear from you and Christine. I’m glad you enjoyed the little video. How often wonder whether people bothered to click on these little gems a lifetime some of them are particularly funny. The one that amuse me most recently was “why should you should not marry an Italian”

    there is nothing like a good game of golf on a beautiful summer’s day, to revive the spirits. Iet out there and enjoy yourself.

    Best wishes


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