24 April 2012

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Another disappointing Tuesday. No visit to the golf club to see my friends and have lunch. The weather is just too dreary – cold and wet. We expect April showers this month but in between there should be sunshine and a little warmth. The month is almost over and it clearly has not lived up to its norm. The Tuesday visit to the golf club does break up the week very nicely for me and gets me out of my study chair into the fresh air, so, roll on next week.

‘Bill and Ben’ our handymen came this morning to do a number of small jobs, the sort of thing I would have done myself in the past, or at least attempted. These boys, as you would expect, are far more expert than I am, particularly in the electrical arena. The last time I tried fixing up some new lights in the children’s bunk room,, I called Alice to see my workmanship and on switching on the lights was aghast to see the wallpaper catch fire! Thank goodness I am no longer a DIY man.

I had a call this morning from the dietician, Sam, from Addenbrookes, this following my recent MND assessment. Jo, the coordinator, was a little concerned when I told her that I had lost 8 kg between September and March and as a result asked the dietician to ring me. I assured her that I eating well enough but just about half of what I eaten previously. Frankly I am rarely hungry. Alice joined in the and , told the dietician what I eat and how much.

Where I am fortunate is that’ my lovely’ has always been interested in food and a good balanced diet. I think we convinced Sam that all was well but agreed that I would have myself weighed again on my next Papworth visit, in about 10 weeks time, and then let her know the outcome. If at that stage they felt I needed a calorie supplement, we can decide on it then.

Trouble on the economic front. A week to 10 days ago the FSTE index had been rising steadily and look almost certain to go through the 6000 mark. Now, within the space of a week or so the whole thing is unravelling again, apparently due to the underlying nervousness in the Eurozone and, in particular, the position of Spain. All of this when the impression that most of us had was that we had survived the disaster of default by any of the Eurozone countries and this was accompanied by glimmers of growth in this country and the US, giving a feeling perhaps, and only just perhaps, the corner and been turned. Apparently that is not so, the world’s stock markets have been tumbling for the last several days wiping off most of the gains from the past few months .So it seems we are now back then where we were before, fearful of the precariousness of the Eurozone countries being revisited.

Perhaps this is a good place to let my readers see the explanation of the taxation system which I received a few days ago, illustrated in terms of buying round of beer. Whoever wrote it obviously thought we are all idiots. Click here and see if you are any the wiser.

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