25 April 2012

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I am still waiting for my wheelchair enclosure tickets from Lord’s. I am in a ballot and therefore cannot make any firm arrangements until I know what places I have been allocated. I’ve telephoned Lord’s two or three times over the last month and have been told that they are dealing with the tickets and they will be out shortly. They are certainly leaving things very late as it will be May in a few days time and the first test match begins on 17 May.

I must admit sitting here in my study chair looking through the window at the lashing rain and wind it is hard to imagine sitting in the warm sunshine at Lord’s, watching the cricket with a nice glass of champagne in my hand.

‘ My lovely’ went shopping and to an exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. A horrid day to do it but she does not seem to mind. At least, I suppose it gets her out of the house leaving ‘ Jane the sheep’ lurking in the background as my babysitter.

Jane lasted until mid-afternoon when’ Paul the computer’ took over. It turned out to be a brilliant afternoon technologically. First of all Paul managed to link a HD video processor, via cable, from my laptop to our television set (which is ancient) and in so doing I can now play anything l can get on my laptop straight, onto the television. The advantage of this is obvious, that if there is a film or something like that that we would like to watch which goes on after I put to bed, I can use catch up on my laptop and show it to’ my lovely’ the following day. This is particularly attractive now that I go to bed at 8.30 and almost anything worth watching goes on until 10 o’clock.

I really am thrilled with this little bit of electronic juggling that Paul has set up for me. I think in an earlier life this sort of thing was bread-and-butter to Paul and I am fortunate enough to reap the benefit.

The second piece of technology that he produced was, in its own way, even more exciting. It is what you would call a camera mouse link. It works like this. You open your web cam and identify a specific area of your face, say, for example, the white of your eye and lock the mouse pointer onto it. You can then control the mouse solely by moving your head or rather t your eye. Having thus identified the icon or whatever you would then merely have to say either click or enter, using an ordinary Dragon command and it will be possible to completely control your laptop without even touching it. We only tried it out today and I’m really looking forward to trying to use it and see what drawbacks there are, if any. What a boon this will be to people like me who have actually no use of their hands or their arms are two weak to raise them to the keyboard. Am I not the luckiest person alive to have such a clever friend as Paul.


  • Christine from BC says:

    Wow! “Paul the computer” is amazing. So fortunate to have found him and so fortunate that he is so innovative (and to your needs).

  • DMC says:

    You are so right, Christine. However, my main purpose in saying what he does for me is to show other disabled people what it is possible to do quite simply. All they have to do is to find some local computer geek-there are lots about.

    Best wishes


  • paul brook says:

    if you dont mind a personal question Mark,how do you cope with toileting when you go to Lords
    best wishes

  • Patrick Leeper says:

    Surely after all the years of being a member some consideration should be given, but then we did create an atmosphere there over the last 23 years so we must of upset a few members and stewards!!How are you going to save 12 seats for at least 3 days!Sorry I cannot be there to help you outwith the early morning queuing but will be thinking of you guys and have a glass of champagne on me. Life is fantastic out here usual problems but really enjoying life, actually making money for the first time, so next time i see you it’s king size prawns smoke salmon sandwiches and lobster with of course the best champagne just like the old days. All the very best to you and the team. will be thinking of you at the windies test. Patrick.

  • DMC says:

    good to hear from you, particularly as life seems to be treating you kindly. Funnily enough, I’ve just spoken to Lord’s about my wheelchair enclosure tickets and they are certainly taking some trouble but we clearly cannot take over the whole enclosure.

    I will certainly pass on your good wishes to the boys and we will all look forward to the prawns lobster and champagne!

    Best wishes


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