28 April 2012]

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Another really painful night. I’m sad to say that they sheepskin heel protectors that which I had got excited turned out to be far too small so we will have to change them for larger sizes, if they make them any bigger. I was okay, as I usually am, for the first part of the night until about one o’clock and then gradually things started to get more painful until in the end it was heels, knees, thigh muscles, groin and hips in both legs and also both shoulders, all going at the same time. If it wasn’t for ‘my lovely’ coming in turning me regularly. I think I would have been screaming by the morning. Having said that I had taken the matter in hand and written direct to the pain consultant at Addenbrookes, – copied to those who need to know – admittedly the MND team correctly noted the amount of pain. I was having and made a number of suggestions, including the pain patches, the Difenac -for inflammation – etc but we are still not winning. I think the team are going to have to take some drastic action. I have also decided that I will not mention this pain again until we have sorted out. It is just too boring to start off every day is entry by moaning about the pain. When I have a solution, I will say so, which may help other patients with the same problem, which is the only reason why I have constantly included this in some detail in this blog. Otherwise you can take it as read that I am on the case.

Readers may recall that I was having trouble with a sebaceous cyst which the doctor came and attended to, but subsequently referred me to a local hospital to go to have it cut out. In the meantime, it seems to have subsided and virtually disappeared, so after consultation with my GP I have cancelled this visit to the hospital.

Over the past few years we have sat in the comfort of our home watching tsunamis, tornadoes etc. devastating thousands of homes throughout the world. Whilst being immensely sympathetic. I suppose we have rather smugly thought at least we do not have to put up with that sort of thing in England. Well, I’ve got news for you!. There was a tornado in Halstead, a village just a few miles away, which completely wrecked a few farm buildings. I know this is not anything like as bad as those we have witnessed overseas but it just shows you that you cannot afford to be smug too about anything.

‘ Paul the computer’ came for three hours this afternoon – whilst’ my lovely’ went to one of her beloved antique fairs – and continued to test and experiment with the settings for the camera mouse. He is coming again possibly on Monday when we will start exploring the interface between Dragon and this camera mouse. There are certain specific commands, one can give concerning the mouse. For example, move mouse right, faster, slower, up and down and having got to where you want click the icon ,or whatever it was you will try to deal with. At present, if one is having difficulty in isolating a particular word or icon you can you would use a mouse grid , which comprises nine rectangles which covers the whole of the desktop. You merely say the number of the rectangle in which the icon or word you are trying to deal with, appears and then a new grid will appear again of rectangles which will include the same icon or word and you can do their as many times as you like until you can get down to say a single letter.

This is a pretty slow laborious process and one which will be significantly improved using the camera mouse. My idea is to get myself to a point where I don’t have to touch the computer at all in order to cover my daily needs. Incidentally the camera mouse is was not expensive. I think less than £4

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