29 April 2012

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Smiler and Kimberly came down today for a sort of belated birthday lunch for Smiler and to collect his presents. We decided to have lunch in the study rather than be dragging through into the breakfast room as Miles and Kimberly had a plan to visit an old friend after lunch, who lived locally. Anyway, like everyone else. they only stayed for 2 ½. hours or so, as they realise much longer than that I get rather fatigued.

They told us about their latest trip out with one of our grandson, Fred. Because of the difference in age and therefore interest. they now tend to take each of the three grandchildren out on their own to something that they hope will be of particular interest to them. This seems to work very well as on their own they tend to behave well, whereas when both boys are together, they seem to squabble.

For Fred’s outing this time they decided to take into a Spring Concert arranged by a charity called Young Virtuosi. It is, as the name suggests, an organisation which concentrates on young people who are musically talented. This charity is ‘dedicated to developing and inspiring young musicians, an age group needing special encouragement and support through the challenging transition to professional artist. Through a series of concerts, recitals and master classes, Young Virtuosi, is providing important stepping stones for young artists in their quest to achieve their aspirations and potential. (To learn more about this charity, visit www.Young Virtuosi.com) . I am glad to say that, apparently, Fred really enjoyed it. This outing was particularly well timed as the BBC have just finished broadcasting the Young Musician of the Year competition where children not much older than 13 ½. year old Fred, competed for this internationally acknowledged title and in doing so provided us with some magnificent performances which we both enjoyed enormously.

It is such a good idea to introduce young people to classical music at a fairly early stage and I’m glad to say that Fred appeared to have enjoyed himself whereas up to now he has probably only listened to pop music. The programme he heard comprised piano solos – Bach and Hadyn -then a clarinet quintet by Mozart, concluding with violin and piano pieces from Correlli,, Beethoven and Sarasate. Short pieces which gave the young virtuosi a chance to show their peers what they were capable of and hopefully to inspire them to follow on with an interest in classical music whilst still enjoying the pop music

I remember so well my own road own, Road to Damascus introduction to classical music, when as a young man I heard Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade for the first time. I was blown away by The Sea and Sinbad the sailor. I remember being immensely moved by this piece of music. Tf you closed your eyes and just listened to the music you could easily envisage huge waves crashing against the rocks on the seashore. Today, 65 years later, I still find this piece of music inspiring. What a clever thing for Fred’s aunt and uncle to take him to, I just hope it bears fruit.

I think this is an appropriate place to leave you with today’s diversion entitled, The Little Things in Life. It is a bit American and sentimental but nevertheless it is very sincere and true. One of my little things in life have been my classical music so here’s hoping Fred and other young people will add it to their list. Click here to see if you agree with the sentiment expressed.

Returning to the mundane, I e-mailed the people from whom I bought the heel protectors, pointing out that they were far too small. They referred me to the description on their website which did not immediately draw your attention to the size but if you clicked on ‘description’ it was there sure enough. S e-mailed my apology and received a very nice note back to the effect that we all make mistakes and if I send them back may will make me a full refund including postage. So they will go off on Monday and then I have my eye on another pair. As the temporary ones that’ my lovely’ made from the donkey’s fetlock padding worked extremely well last night with no discomfort whatsoever. so I can afford to wait a day or two to order some from a different source. There was plenty of choice in eBay.

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