1 May 2012

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Labour Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. It originated in America in a nationwide economic depression of 1893. This depression meant take-home pay cheques plummeted. Workers walked out demanding lower rents and higher pay. Rioting, pillaging and burning of railway cars soon ensued. Although it started with the Pullman railway company the strike became a national issue and President Grover Cleveland deployed 12,000 troops to break it.

The strike was declared over on August 3, 1894, following which, in an attempt to appease the nations workers, Labour Day was born. This was replaced in the UK, in 1978, with a May bank holiday, traditionally known as May Day. In the villages around where I live we still have traditional Morris dancers and in some towns, dancing round the Maypole or a parade led by a May Queen selected by the local dignitaries.

As it is this year any such traditional country pursuits will be dampened by the heavy rain which we are currently experiencing. Up to yesterday April was driest been since records began and then the heavens open and areas of the country got more than twice as much as their normal April rainfall in one day, causing extensive flooding.

To me, being a Tuesday, it was another disappointment. There was no way I could go to the golf club and ride around in my electric wheelchair. I will almost certainly got wet and cold. Not recommended. I must say I’m getting very disillusioned. I have only been to the golf club to or perhaps three times since last October and I really had hoped that the weather would have been sufficiently dry and warm by now. Let us hope next week is better.

We have all been victims of bureaucracy from time to time but this exchange with the local gas company over a £0.00 bill, takes the biscuit. I am assured that this is a true record what happened. I can certainly believe it as we have gas connected to the house for the sole purpose of running the gas fire in my office. I informed the gas company, some years ago that I needed a new valve and until such time as this was fixed. I would not be using in a gas. Nevertheless, this will not prevent them from sending someone to read my meter every three months and then send me a bill showing a £5 credit. Anyway, click here to follow the saga of the £0.00 cheque.

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