2 May 2012

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It is just over two weeks now before the first have my visits to Lord’s for the Test Match. I really wonder how well I would cope and whether or not I managed to last from the 8.30 departure with Ollie-my Friendly Wheelchair Service-until I arrived back here around 7.00 p.m. I recall, about this time last year wondering whether I would manage my Lord’s trips and as it turned out I managed very well and did not get too exhausted. Well here we are a year later with the same burning question. The only problem being that I am noticeably weaker than I was last year and simply do not have the stamina that I had before. Last year I managed to go on three consecutive days but this year I shall certainly try to have a day between. I have limited my guests from the usual 14, to half a dozen or so. They will understand my situation. So if I am not up to appearing one in particular day, I know they will understand. Having said that , if the weather is fine and reasonably warm and I’m feeling up to it. I shall certainly try. As I said last year, this will almost certainly be my swansong.

At last my Wheelchair Enclosure tickets arrived from Lord’s. There certainly are cutting it very fine with the first test match starting in just over two weeks. In fact, it wasn’t even the tickets but merely an e-mail telling me what I will be receiving as a result of the ballot.

It was only my persistence in telephoning the office that I received an e-mail from them telling me what allocation had been made to me. Considering I wrote a letter to the assistant secretary about my 78th birthday and asking if they could please and least ensure I got a couple of juvenile tickets on that day I was very disappointed with the result of the ballot. Out of 15 tickets applied for I only received 4 and none of those were for juveniles. I was very keen to introduce my two grandsons to Lord’s on 18th of August, my 78th birthday, as this seemed an appropriate occasion but unfortunately they will be on holiday in Wales at the time and The logistics of coming down to London and back were just too complicated and would have messed up their holiday. It’s a great pity really, as this may well be my last chance to introduce some to the club and it to international cricket

All these wonderful voice activation programmes that Paul and I have been working out together will be useless if my voice deteriorates a lot more. The problem is having lost most of the muscular support to my diaphragm I cannot project my voice as I did previously and it now pipes and wheezes like an old man and is getting worse, week by week. The user profile in Dragon simply not understand what I am saying. I’m already having to accept more errors than I did previously. Couple that with the day when my arms give out – which I suspect will not be too long as they are very noticeably weaker – I will then not be able to use my one splinted finger, to get me out of trouble. Maybe the eye camera will then come into its own.

Talking of cricket I received the following e-mail the other day and was surprised to see that it was copies to Sir Geoffrey Boycott. ( all that may have been a spoof . In any event, I’m sure that he would not be amused at anything which and loons to Yorkshire man being a bit mean ) . Anyway, those cricketing fans amongst my readers click here and you’ll see what I mean.


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