11 May 2012

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I past the night peacefully enough, in fact, in terms of pain and was certainly one of the best nights for some time. Harriet, the boss of Ross Nursing arrived back in this country and wasted no time in coming to see us and discuss our problems and ,in particular perhaps, some changes to our visiting times.

I struggled through the day and managed to take a fairly normal light lunch. In the afternoon I received an e-mail from one of my powers thanking me for inviting him to Lord’s on a specific day which we did not have recorded and in fact there was no test match on that date. This through me into a spin as I thought I had allocated all of the cricket tickets with Chloe the previous weekend and was only waiting for stamped addressed envelopes to send them off.

As I had had a very disturbing day ‘my lovely’ very came through with shining colours and took over sorting out the last half a dozen cricket tickets for me. The problem being that I had used up my’ jug full of energy’ fairly early in the day and found it hard to face problems such as making a mess up over the dates inviting friends to come to Lord’s, he whole issue having been complicated due to only having received my wheelchair enclosure tickets, a couple of days ago. 

I had a reply from the pain consultant at Addenbrookes, Doctor Marc Abrahams. and also a useful e-mail from Doctor Michael in Sweden which I shall forward to the other members of the team to help them on a consensus view of the best way forward.

Due to the stress I had been under during the day I found myself very breathless and uncomfortable in the late afternoon and Alice very sensibly, following through from previous advice from Papworth hospital to use the Nippy respirator during the day, if I got particularly tired and breathless.

I managed to eat, and keep down a light supper and I was glad to go to bed at 8.30, as the amount of tension that I had gone on during the day caused my back muscles to tighten up and I was uncomfortable. I decided I will be much happier in the nose only respirator as there was still the possibility that I might vomit during the night. Big mistake!

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