19 May 2012

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The West Indians finished the first day’s play on 243 runs for nine wickets. With the first ball yesterday England took the last wicket and then proceeded to that steadily through most of the day. They made a very steady start with Strauss, our captain scoring a century, his first in 57 qualifying matches, and no doubt he will be delighted that his name to will now be put onto the Honours Board in the Lord’s pavilion

I only urgent at all thoughtlessly unending a little Whilst I was bitterly disappointed not to have been able to join Geoffrey and Steve, as it happened the weather was pretty miserable, murky and cold. Had I not been below par myself. I may well have been tempted to go and regretted it. Anyway, England batted all day, finishing with a creditable 261 for two finishing the second day at 391 all out. West Indies made a spirited recovery today but ended up in trouble however at 128 for 4 setting the intriguing possibility of an Englishman on the fourth day.

Alice and I spent a quiet day and I really thought I was getting better. That good Doctor West got rid of most of the painkillers and substituted then with another one the same time and there were I really onto introduced a little spray that was meant to counteract the drying up. Unfortunately, on this occasion, the new regime of medication did not work. I went to bed as usual at 8.30 and had occasion to call Alice at 11.00 but I cannot remember for what, then, I spent the entire night awake with a dreadfully parched mouth. The problem is, of course, that with the full face respirator it is impossible to use the mouth spray. The only option being to go through the whole rigmarole of getting me up sitting on the edge of the bed and removing the respirator, spraying and then reversing the process. Knowing Alice gets up at around 5a.m I begged her to get me up at the same time. We went through the usual rigmarole, but when it came to removing the mask I had an enormous surge of adrenaline throughout my body and wasn’t able to breathe at all for a few seconds. Alice managed to get the mask back on but seriously during that very short period I thought I’d had it. My lovely’ then decided I should try to and sleep until my normal getting up time of 6.30. During this couple of hours I noticed although I had the respirator on every now and then I seem to have to take an extra deep breath, almost as if there wasn’t sufficient air being delivered to me. At 6.30 we went through the same business again taking very gingerly but even then I had another panic attack as if I was being starved of air, so there was obviously something wrong that we would have to sort out first thing tomorrow.

As much as anything else. I think we have reached the point when we need night-time care. As much as anything else to give’ my lovely’ a decent nights sleep. We had a word with Doctor West and she has already set the wheels in motion. Heaven knows, with all these cuts in social services, whether we will managed to get time and are Continuing Care programme.

In the midst of all this, fortuitously the good Doctor Michael arrived from Sweden to spend the night, a welcome guest at any time.

I don’t know what their mother has been saying given but Miles and Kimberly came down today, they obviously feel it is more serious than I had hoped. Frankly, I thought this was all the reaction to the removal of the morphine patches and given a week or so, my system would settled down again using alternative medication.

When it came to suppertime we removed the full face mask then after a few moments I have another of these that I can type incidents and Michael and Alice, reacting quickly managed to replace the mask. This then proved to be very end of my supper those shortly after went to bed at 8.30.

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