20 May 2012

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The good Doctor Michael slept in the bedroom, keeping an ear out for the alarm. In fact, we classed it as a relatively good night as we slept until 3.30, after which giving me a good drink of water, as my mouth was as parched dry as a camel’s after a lengthy trek through the desert, we both then slumbered until 6.30 with me intermittently calling on Michael to turn me and shift my position.

When it came to breakfast we very gingerly removed the full face mask, in short stages, and then finally removed it altogether with the apparent effect that my body took over the breathing mechanism and things looked as if they were going to be fine. But in a few moments, however, a flood of adrenaline or whatever it was came over me and I panicked, calling for air. Michael slapped on the full respirator and saved the day. After I settled down for five or 10 min we removed the straps on the mask to allow me to drink through a straw. This worked well and after a while the entire mask was removed and I tentatively took up to breathing on my own and then was able to his down eat a normal breakfast and managed to spend the rest of the morning without incident. 

The next excitement was Chloe and her little family arriving, ostensibly for lunch, but it had been understood between’ my lovely’ and Chloe that they would in fact, eat next door at the Cricketers to minimise Alice’s work. It was lovely to see them all so bonny and bouncing about before they went to lunch. We had our own lunch before the family returned and in fact they left quite quickly as it was Karl’s intention to take them to the Dulwich Fair. As it was mid-afternoon by now I think he was pushing his lack to arrive in time to see very much, but it was a nice idea.

There seemed to be a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, with me in a central immovable position. The next event, however, was Mick leaving for the airport-how time flies! Then a flurry of others appeared, firstly Sarah, our nice district nurse on the follow up trail for Continuing Care. Almost as soon as she had finished my night carers came in to prepare me for bed. Although I had spent most of the afternoon dozing in a comfortable armchair with a glass of champagne heavily disguised in a child’s drinking mug! I still felt very tired. In fact the three of us – Chloe still being in our midst – spent a lazy evening watching some inane television before I was carted off to bed around 8.30. A not uneventful day but one which I could say on the whole was an improving one.

Which is more than I can say for my jokes! However, click here to read one I received from my good friends the O-Ps. I am always happy to receive contributions from any of my readers which I’m glad to say I am able to approve or trash if I consider them inappropriate and some I have received recently, although quite fun for men to have a chuckle about could certainly not be included !!

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