22 May 2012

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Another good night’s sleep with no prolonged pain. As soon as my’ lovely’ can get used to the new arrangement overnight and relax more, we will start enjoying the full benefits. I must say I’m very grateful to the combined efforts of Harriet, head of Ross Nursing; Doctor West, now my GP; and Sarah, my district nurse, all of who seem to have made a supreme effort to get this night time Continuing Care which will literally changed our lives.

Today was effectively the first real summer’s day we have had with temperatures in the low 20s. I even managed to get out in the garden in my wheelchair for a couple of hours or two in the sunshine, but still feeling as weak as a kitten. This proved to be just about all I can take. I retreated indoors and shortly after my dear old friend Geoffrey Hanscombe arrived with dear Jessica (I’m pretty sure they had been married for over 65 years). They are two of the nicest people you would ever wish to meet. And of course, regular readers will realise what a dominant role Geoffrey has played in my life. Miles and Alice kept the conversation going as too long and visit with too much talking, completely exhausts me. Having said that I enjoyed very much seeing them both again-people who have always been there for me, as part of my background and it was very sweet of them to hire a car just to come down for coffee.

I do is hope I will see them again. If I was a of bookmaker I would think that the odds are just about even, as Geoffrey is 95

After they had gone I spent an hour or so on the Nippy, (respirator) which I suppose restored some energy but in no time. Paula, from Ross nursing, arrived to prepare me for bed. There seems so little time between my carer leaving in the evening, eating my meal and, shortly after, being bedded down. But then I suppose I am fortunate as I do not have to spend all day in bed when life could be a little boring although I do have a wonderful collection of books to read already downloaded on my laptop as well is half a dozen films also and a wonderful library of music or at my fingertips; a private world of entertainment for someone disabled.

I could not resist this little bit of Political Incorrectness. Click here and see if you agree with the sentiments expressed.

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