23 May 2012

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Another good day after an almost painless sleep. Smiler left shortly after breakfast promising to come, probably next week. I have as they see me recovering from that at face, both Chloe and Smiler will realise that I am not at death’s door and however much I love seeing them both. They needn’t feel obliged to come down every week. If I have anything to do about it. I shall be for some time yet!

The mountain of pills, that I’m forced to take daily, certainly seem to be doing their job so far as my body is concerned and heaven knows what is happening to my mind! Over the last few days when I felt unwell, somehow I have managed to muddle up the dates. It was in fact today then I dear friends, the Hanscombe’s drove down to see us, not yesterday. However, the short account of their visit. I gave in my blog yesterday is just as apposite, so I shall not change it. In 50 years time. I doubt whether anyone will give a jot!

I really am improving daily and even getting back some interest in food and as a result, managing to eat a little more. I’ve said all along that he introduction and cessation of the morphine patches set may well back and, given time, there is no reason why I should not at least get back to the degree of strength that I had prior to that episode.

Having said that I did not exert myself at all today and spent much of the time, in my study chair, listening to beautiful music. The days slipped by with me lazing away but I felt no guilt hers. I really was recuperating after a nasty setback. One thing I have been very impressed by, is the way our district nurses now drop in, almost on a daily basis, to check out and make sure all is well. I suspect I have been profoundly ‘dangerous species’ list!.

Early afternoon Ross nursing rang to tell us that they would not be providing an overnight sister as they had failed to win the contract which had to another outfit -Two Counties. You can imagine how we felt having previously been elated when we had heard that we had received approval. Who were these people? I have never heard of them and we were expected to allow them complete access to our home during an entire night. Of course, we had no reason to suspect that they were other than a genuine and reputable carers Association but, I do believe the client should at least be consulted when a change was being made and given the opportunity to approve the substitution. Of course, we don’t mind that we are fortunate to have this service but I don’t think it unreasonable that we know who and what they are. Ross nursing have now been looking after us daily for over a year so we would need have no reservations about then sending along one of our regular carers. This in itself should be advantageous as we would almost certainly no the carer whom they sent to us.

We never received any communication from Two Counties, not even a telephone call. Then we did receive a telephone call, shortly before I was due to go to bed, but from Ross Nursing informing us that there had been some sort of mix-up and that no one would be coming to sleep in tonight. Unfortunately, Harriet was away on one of her mercy missions and there was no one we could contact to find out what had gone wrong. This will now have to wait until tomorrow.

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