25 May 2012

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Another virtually pain-free night. As I write this I realise that the past few weeks, most of my daily entries seem to start with my state of health. This is boring for me, let alone the readers and I am intent on not falling into the same trap as Marcel Proust, the 19th-century French novelist, essayist and crtic , who took 139 pages of his most famous novel, A la recherce du temp perdu – In Search of Lost Time or earlier translated as Remembrance of Things Past-, to describe how he felt when he woke up in the morning. (This novel carries the same cachet as Tolstoy’s War and Peace, or Gustav Flaubert’s Madam Bovary, very few people can say, with hand on heart, that they stayed the course and read them through to the very last page. I am one of the rare number who can honestly say that he did. Having said that I made the enormous mistake of taking A la recherche …… for light reading following a spinal fusion caused through having a polo ball driven into the back of my neck in a match in Aden against the British Army.I know I am no Proust, but nevertheless I shall not fall into the same trap. So perhaps the reader can take it as a default situation and that unless I mention what sort of night I had it can be assumed it was reasonably pain-free.

My Darling Chloe came down this afternoon to spend the night and leave around lunchtime tomorrow. Between the two of them, Miles and Chloe, seem to have suddenly realised I might pop off any moment and do not want me to go gentle into that still night..

Inevitably, medical reference intrudes itself into almost every daily entry at this stage of the Lucy to see us today (on her day off!) to adjust the airflow on the two Nippy’s. A lovely girl . Lucy was the first of a succession of medically associated people who visited us today. Hard on her heels came one of the district nurses.’ Merely dropping in to see how you are’ sort of call. Then, Doctor Lort herself arrived, unannounced, having just returned from her holiday. Adding to the list of people generated as a result of my recent upset and my rapid deterioration. However, I have assured the district nurse, Kelly, there really was no necessity to call in every day and I was getting stronger by the day,

I assured her, and indeed the other people who came that should I be in need of anything that they could provide, I should certainly be the first to give them a ring. The same applied to Harriet , who rang Alice, who completed the cessation of people kindly enough take an interest in my welfare. Hopefully these good people will all see the significant improvement in my health, and the flow of well-wishers will diminish to a trickle

The good Doctor Michael telephoned from Germany, where he has been staying with our mutual friends, the Schneider’s. Why was I not surprised that Doctor Michael was greatly favour of Doctor Michael Davises proposal for me to become a short-term inpatient at Papworth. I hate the idea as one always seems to stay much longer than the initial prognosis. We will see what happens over the next few days.

As my life is completely dominated by decisions of the fairer sex, perhaps I can get my own back on the small way by showing this extreme male chauvinist video clip. Click here.

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  • Christine from BC says:

    So, so very glad the improvement continues.

    I, too, have succeeded in reading, from cover to cover, both Madame Bovary and War and Peace and enjoyed both immensely. On page 627 of 1500+ of “A Suitable Boy” by Vikram Seth (I am a glutton for punishment!!!).

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