26 May 2012

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No matter my good intentions of keeping away from my health issues, I am forced by events to mention the scare I had last evening. I had retired at my usual time and for the second night running had the added comfort of a carer sitting up all night in the same room. Not only is this extension of our Continuing Care, something the children and I considered was absolutely necessary in order to safeguard possibly ‘ my lovely”s health which would inevitably suffer by being woken up several times a night, but also instead of me suffering in pain, waiting for the scheduled time of’ ‘ my lovelys’ check-up, as soon as the pain in any of my joints woke me up. I could attract the attention of my caring sitter, who would be at my bedside to turn me to relieve the pain..

Sometime, in the early hours, the carer was turning me and suddenly I suffered the enormous rush of adrenaline, which I mentioned before, usually caused by an interruption in my airflow.

Being totally ignorant have this attack could seemingly come from nowhere the three of us discussed the the options. One, I could you try them all and go back to sleep in the hope that there was no recurrence. Secondly, we could dial 999 and the taken to the nearest A&E Hospital which I suspect would be harder, or 30 we did telephone Papworth hospital in the hope that they would as it me. In the end we decided to go for the first option. Anything else could have been very disruptive. We would have arrived at the hospital between three and four in the morning, knowing that there would be no consultant available until Monday morning. Even then, unless I was taken to Papworth I suspect they would want to transfer me because of this specialist nature of the consultants at that hospital. Even in hospital. What would be the advantage. I could lie in bed for a couple of weeks without a recurrence of this was a rush of adrenaline’. Fortunately we seem to have chosen the right option as I slumbered nervously through the rest of the night, without further mishap.

My good friends Annie and Geoff. Waite from Australia. Annie was previously married to Christopher Seddon , older brother to Quetin, was our best man and he subsequently became godfather to Miles Tomlinson. They are due to be with us on Tuesday, and will spend the night with leaving the following day. I know the consultant at Papworth may have to put few strings to ensure an emergency admission but for the sake of one day I’m pretty sure you will understand that I do not wish to miss two old friends who first came here in 1965.

We also seem to have lost the battle to have Ross Nursing taking over the nightspot. Although they are alternating with another company entitled Two Counties at present, I believe the new company will take over the night spots from the day after next.

Dear Chloe spent the morning with me printing the outstanding 60 or so pages of the blog, needed to bring up to date hardcopy. This would did sort of them and hole punched them ready to go into their respective files. This is fiddly job for someone with no real use of their hands, so I have come to rely on my dear daughter to help me, which she does with great efficiency.

I shall almost be sorry when the whistle is blown to say that I am no longer in grave danger and therefore the children will feel that they need to come down, while the other, every week.

Anyway Chloe left after lunch when we toyed with the idea of me sitting in the garden for an hour or so in what is undoubtedly glorious weather. In the end’ my lovely’ decided that it was a little too warm has undoubtedly it is more difficult brief in hot weather banning cold, so decided against taking me out of doors. Maybe tomorrow as the weather forecasts of predict similar whether to continue for a few days.

With the good Doctor Michael’s base in Sweden, I have made a great number of friends and and added to dedicate this little video clip to them. Click here.

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  • Cathy says:

    Dear Mark
    I continue to read your diary entries. You truly are a remarkable and inspirational person. You may remember I contacted you some weeks ago and told you my father had MND.Unfortunately, we did not find your website in time to be of any assistance to him. Howwever, his brother also has the same diagnosis and I am hoping his son will be able to find the practical advice and the experiences I recognise so well, to be as much of a support as I have found them to be. Thank you so much-your diary is really important -and amusing and entertaining-to so many people. Hope you are feeling better and not too hot!!
    Best wishes

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