29 May 2012

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We heard, the late yesterday afternoon, from Two Counties carers, that they had been successful in tendering for our night care, so looks as though it will be Ross Nursing during the day and Two Counties for the nights. I am perfectly happy with this arrangement, and indeed immensely grateful that the service still exists in the light of the massive cutbacks social services have been asked to bear in the face of today’s austerity measures embarked upon to reduce the nation’s indebtedness.

My ‘bodiless’carer last night was, once more, Sylvia. As she now knows the ropes. I hope that’ my lovely’ will soon take benefit from the fact that she knows she does not have to get up at all during the night. It will take her a few days to relax and feel confident in these strangers doing what she has done over the past couple of years. Once she gets through that she should really start feeling the benefits.

Our good friends Annie and Geoff. Waites’ arrived roughly as scheduled, around 11.00 a.m. we had coffee and a good chat, bringing each other up to date inasmuch as this is possible in an hour, as in no time at all it was midday when the Ross Nursing carer came in ‘to tidy me up’ and do what ever was necessary!

We had so much wanted to have lunch in the garden and although it was reasonably warm. It was overcast and threatens under so in the end, we did what we have done many times in the past, and lunch in my study. Then our guests went off to have 40 winks before embarking on some walk or other, arriving back with us at around 5.00 a.m. for a drink prior to my evening carers coming in at 6.00. We suggested that our visitors tried The Axe and Compasses, in Arkkestone, a little village, a mile from Clavering, for a light supper, having previously eaten the night before at The Cricketers.

I was ready to go to bed at 8.30 when my carer came in was I think just the sheer presence of other people is tiring in itself.

For those readers, like me, who love their cricket, the third day of the Test Series between England and West Indies saw the Windies at 61 for the loss of six wickets, leading England by three runs. Although the West Indies put up a reasonable fight towards the end, with only four wickets in hand they had virtually no chance and were all out shortly after lunch, giving you a England it’s first win in this series.

To conclude today’s entry I could not resist reproducing this little homily, reputed to have come from Abraham Lincoln. Click here and read it carefully, I think you will agree that it covers a number of similar situations in which we are faced today.


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