23 June 2012

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I forgot to mention yesterday, that I had visitors both morning and afternoon. Barton W-P came for coffee in the morning. Judith is away in London doing her granny bit, I think with daughter Katherine’s little ones. so Barton was on his own.

‘My lovely’ makes a point of joining into these little sojourns to spare my voice, which seems to be getting weaker as time goes by. Then, in the afternoon Paul ‘the computer’ came for three hours, but had strict instructions that I should not talk too much so I dozed while he messed about with my computer. He has now got a zoom lens camera and is just waiting for some other piece of equipment, which should be delivered in the next day or two, before working on the use of the Camera Mouse.

Today the Annual Clavering Fete was held on the Jubilee field. Inevitably the weather forecast is for strong winds with the occasional showers. This event has been so lucky over the years with the weather. You would think planned for late June the odds of getting a decent day should be pretty high, but, in this case, they seem to have struck unluckily. This fete, which attracts people from miles around, has an unhappy record so far as the weather is concerned.

I have written before about this fete and how disappointed we are over the changes which have occurred over the past 50 years. When we first came here. It was very much a genuine village fete. A small affair but one in which most of the village were involved either as stallholders or attendees. Now, a number of the traditional fete competitions have disappeared (Bowling for the Pig, for example, where if you won, it you would be given a small piglet, (not everyone’s ideal prize so there was the, alternative of £15) to be replaced by far less suitable activities stalls selling anything from garden furniture to homemade jewellery Having said that , maybe this year’s fete committee have taken these comments on board and resurrected a more traditional fete. Certainly from the publicity material for this fete, which lists the following activities, one could be excused for thinking that they have.

Scarecrow competition.

Dog show.

Maggott racing.


Taste the cake.

Coconut shy.


Football shoot-out.

Stocks and Sponges.


Crockery smash.

Wine or water?

‘Gin’ the Pig.


Pimms…. Beers…. Burgers


Bouncy Castle.

Live music…. and much more!

I could, no doubt, I could get to the Jubilee field myself in my electric wheelchair but have serious doubts as to how it would perform on a wet, muddy surface. This being so I think I’ll give the fete a miss this year.

I think I mentioned the other day that the district nurse called in to check me over, following that bad spell I had, asked if I wanted them to call in every day. I assured them that I had an excellent carer in Alice and we had best leave it that I gave them a ring if we had anything we were concerned about. The reason for the visit of the district nurse was to look at my toes on my swollen feet. Apparently two of them looked as though they might break into an open sore and as a result, the district nurse had ordered some special ointment. I shall a ring tomorrow to ask her to call in and start us off on using of the ointment and at the same time look at a rather nasty soreness that seems to have developed in my groin. The trouble with all such minor ailments is that I can no longer see them for myself and have to rely on others to keep an eye out and let me know if anything occurs that may require some attention.

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