7 June 2012

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A good night. I’m now beginning to enjoy longer periods of sleep and although, as in last night, I would wake up with very painful joints, in this case hips and pelvic area, these were relieved almost instantly by my night carer turning me in bed. So, unless anything untoward happens I shall stop the almost daily bulletins on something which has played a very large role in my life up to now but, for which, it seems, we may have been fortunate enough to find a solution.

Mick made an early morning call to sonTom and ascertained that all seem to be going to plan, which is encouraging.
Talking of daily bulletins, the absence of Prince Philip from the final days of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, it seems, may have been the reason why there was such a dearth of the young royals in evidence. Prince Edward apparently was with his father in the King Edward Hospital, no doubt watching events on the television. We are now told that the Duke will spend a few more days in hospital but it is hoped that he will get out in time to celebrate his birthday at the weekend. What a tragedy it would be if anything were to happen to Prince Philip during this very special year for the Queen.

After breakfast. Michael went on to see his aunt, who lives near St Albans. She is the younger sister of his mother’s. As it happens she is 86 years old – the same age as the Queen – and with Mick’s mum being 15 years older she would have been 101 years old, had she lived. That left my ‘lovely’ and I to enjoy a quiet day on our own, which will certainly do neither of us any harm.

On the international front the rumbles about Greece defaulting on its debts or alternatively not being prepared to agree to the terms of the bailout loan from the Eurozone countries, grow louder. Whilst I deliberately insulate myself against the rises and falls in the stock exchange. I couldn’t help hearing, a day or two ago, that the world stock markets are bouncing back having plummeted by more than 10%. I suppose the reason for the equally dramatic revival of these markets is that they were oversold on the bad news and it now being forecast, that the outcome of such a default would be being potentially less destructive than originally predicted. This is known as market correction. This process could be compared with what is laughingly called ‘killed by friendly fire’. In other words, one of our home side became rather trigger-happy and was not too careful who he shot at. The financial analogy being the gut feeling selling on the world stock markets only to be corrected a day or two later when the analysts have had the opportunity of calculating the effect of such a default. From our point of view, we have no choice, but to what we have always done in the past, and that is ride out the storm. Apparently the Greek government have been able to hold back, what seems inevitable now, the default on the payment of their long-term debt. until after some important elections due at the end of summer.

So many misunderstandings occur in life between two parties who are not on the same wavelength. Click here for one such example where the little girl may not have understood the meaning of the words she was using, but she was bright enough to realise that the effect of saying them would produce the desired outcome.

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