13 June 2012

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As a result of the four frightening experiences with the respirator, ‘my lovely’ seems adamant that I should have someone with me at all times who understands the operation of the respirator, this led me to consider the logistics in connection with my weekly visits to the geriatric golf day at Worlington.

This person, whoever they will be, will have to be hovering around close to me during the entire time I am out of the house. One option would be to ask Ross Nursing if they would be prepared to let one of their two male carers to accompany me for those five hours. Assuming they did, how would this work out. I would arrive at the golf club in the ambulance as usual, around 11.00 a.m. when I trundle off, here and there, across the course, and my carer could walk around the course with me, so no problem there. I then generally sit outside, in the sunshine (!) For half an hour or so before lunch. No great problem there for the carer to be close by but it is not fair to expect him to sit amongst us, as he knows no one and could feel left out, (but maybe not). The lunch should present no problems. The food would be brought to me as usual and my carer could sit next to me feeding me. Most times, after lunch. there are 20/30 min or so, to spare, before Ollie is due to pick me up, I sit outside in the sunshine and have coffee and perhaps a small cigar.

Again I see no problem here with the carer hovering close by. Then, when the ambulance arrives, I get loaded on, with my carer and at that stage, we have the added advantage of Ollie, who himself is respirator trained.

All of this is fine provided Ross Nursing can make available one of their male nurses on a regular basis every Tuesday in the summer (although to be difficult this next Tuesday is a Monday, due to the club having a visiting society on Tuesday).

Then there is the weather to consider. If it is likely to be wet, or the temperature likely to be below, say 15°C, Debbie, from Ollies Friendly Wheelchair Service, and I, have an arrangement that I can cancel even as late as an hour or two before the ambulance taxi is due to arrive. This late cancellation, I suspect, will not suit Ross Nursing, and that is if it is going to be possible to have one of these two male carers available on this basis, which I very much doubt. Why male you might well ask? because I just don’t see one of my female carers being able to hover around what is a solely male event without feeling de trop, or out of place, if you prefer.

Who else them, other than a Ross Nursing carer? A number of my friends in Clavering have always said “if there’s anything we can do to help, please let us know.” But, when it comes to how many of them would be prepared to be responsible should an accident occur, which requires the use of the respirator? I suspect that would be the stumbling block.

The other possibility would be to hang the respirator to the back of the wheelchair and, when I arrive, find a foursome whom I could join asking one of them to be responsible should the respirator be required. I think this would work, especially if one of them was a Doctor but otherwise the other members might feel that it is too greater responsibility.

These then are the logistics I must work out before resuming my Tuesday geriatric golf days.

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