14. June 2012

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One of our district nurses, Sarah, turned up today with a package of dressings for the two suspect sore toes. In the event, we decided that as the skin and not broken , we would not .this dress them, but keep an eye on them. I have been very impressed with the attention and response time from the district nurses where I have had occasion to contact them. I suppose they now have me on some sort of danger list which ensures that I get priority treatment. I was particularly impressed by Sarah asking if I wanted a weekly call from them. I assured her that I was fortunate enough to have a lovely wife, who keeps an eye on things but we would be in touch if there was anything we felt that they could help us with.

Talking of kind of people keep an eye on us and our affairs, I should mention that Doreen, my faithful secretary came this morning to go through the various paperwork and documents which have accumulated since her last visit. Where are I am extremely lucky with Doreen is that she has been with me such a long time, over 30 years, that she knows precisely where everything is and what needs doing. She even took the load off me by preparing last year accounts when I was finding it almost impossible to hold a pen.

Now, that my hands are completely useless is impossible to even tick items so without Doreen’s help I would have to employ an accountant which would be very expensive. As it is, Doreen has already made a start this year’s accounts and Income Tax Return which, with a minimum of input from me, she and my friend Edward Oliver, will be able to complete for me. Fortunately, as my work has all but dried up, other than the update of my book and my involvement with the China University of Political Law and Science, there are far fewer entries on these accounts which should not make them too onerous to complete.

Regular readers will be only too aware of the struggle I have had with my voice activation people over the past 6 to 9 months. In the end I gave up the battle as a dead loss, so the original problem still exists, basically although the dictation side of things is still pretty good, despite my rather horsey voice, the result of the creeping MND, much of the time it’s okay except for problems using Dragon’s Correction Box. As things stand this is easily coped with as long as I have the use of my one splinted finger, and that in turn means as long as my arm is still strong enough, even with the mechanical device I have, to ‘ float’ my arm across the keyboard. Unfortunately, this means I will have to tackle Dragon once more, in the not too distant future, about improving the accuracy of my correction box.

A few days ago I received a very heart-warming note from the wife of a now deceased MND patient. What was so nice about this was that although it was anonymous, as the lady involved did not want her personal feelings for all the world to see, she did want to say thank me for the blog and the good that it is doing. I quite understand her desire for anonymity and any of my readers can use the same ploy making contact to me through my e-mail (arbitrator@dmarkcato.freeserve.co.uk) making it clear they do not wish their comments to be published. From my standpoint, feedback from my readers is extremely encouraging. In the past I have taken a rather controversial approach on a topical subject from which I would have expected a number of my readers to become sufficiently incensed as to make a counter argument. I do get the odd note from time to time, perhaps not entirely agreeing with my point of view, but these are few and far between. I thank the reader who does take the trouble to comment on a blog entry for experience shared is just as valuable to other readers has my original blog entry comment. So, I encourage anyone of my readers, who has a point of view on an entry, to click on the comment icon, at the beginning of the entry, and share their thoughts with us.

Yesterday I finished reading Water for Elephants, this after having seen the film. I must say I do not think the film did justice to the book. I have at least half a dozen books that I downloaded using my Kindle software so I think I will read a light page turner next., It

To conclude today’s entry I share with you some interesting photographs sent to me by one of my readerstop¬† Click here and enjoy ‘something to smile about’. (¬†click slide show
then From the Beginning )


  • Lesley says:

    I love the book Water for Elephants but have not seen the film. (Not much of a film goer as can’t sit still) Thank you for your great blog and just wanted to let you know you are mentioned under blogs on this site http://www.motor-neuron.com/mnd-blogs.php

  • DMC says:

    Thanks Lesley, for your kind remarks about my blog and drawing my attention to another blog where mine is mentioned. Are you involved with this blog? I guess we are all trying to achieve the same end and that is to show that with MND you must live every day as it comes and you can still enjoy a quality of life.

    Best wishes


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