31. June 2012

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Our normal morning routine was broken this morning by the arrival of Harriet, the head of Ross Nursing, who came to check up on how we were getting on using use the standing hoist. She had received a couple of notes of concern from some of the carers come here on a regular basis. – Indeed, she confided in me and some of the girls on our adamantly refusing to use that hoist has a consider the possibility of me injuring myself. Having observed a couple of lifts, on this hoist, Harriet agreed that we must move onto the sling hoist and she would ensure that all the carers who come here will be trained in its use

. The other issue, in which Harriet is involved, is obtaining a proper male commode (or a shower chair which doubles as a commode) . She seems confident that she will be able to produce one for us fairly soon. In fact, she is bringing someone with her next Monday to do an assessment. What on earth needs assessing I cannot imagine. I’m just another male built pretty much the same specifications as other males, so wanted to assess? I stressed the importance, once again, on the danger with the present commode of damaging the pump of my artificial urinary sphincter, located in my scrotum which gets knocked ever timely bucket is inserted or removed. I am sure that Harriet now appreciates the urgency.

In putting my affairs in order. I have given ‘my lovely’ enduring power of attorney, where previously my good friend and solicitor, James Barnett, had exercised this power in entering into a long-term agreement with my publisher. It now felt right at this power been transferred to Alice, I must say, I was asked to go through the paperwork before one of the office junior solicitors comes down next Monday take us through it. They do seem to be making a meal of it but, I have no doubt they have done such powers of attorney for a large number of clients in the past, and therefore the bespoke document, which we were asked to study prior to the solicitor coming to visit us, was perfectly in order.

On the sporting front I’m pleased to record the fact that our man, Andy Murray scraped through into the fourth round, at Wimbledon, by beating , the unseeded Cypriot, Baghdatis, though not without losing a set. This marathon match went on until 23.02 with the official ending time of 23.00 . Murray was penalised twice for the ball falling out of his pocket! However, it was a thrilling match, particularly the fourth set, where Murray closed out the match with a 6-1 finish. I think Murray will need to raise his overall game a notch or two, to the level he achieved in this fourth set of this match, if he really is going to be a contender.

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