10 July 2012

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I’m sorry to have do record yet another emergency which occurred when the 6.30 carer came in last evening to get me ready for bed. When I was hoisted up I found my head was pointing down and my feet were right up in the air. As a result I could not breathe and panicked. Fortunately stop stop listening ‘my lovely’ was in attendance to respond to just such an emergency. Within seconds she had clamped the respirator onto my face and shortly after had the respirator strapping in place so I could relax giving the carer time to remedy the fault. Despite my reminding the carer that the voice straps were to be ‘long legs, short arms’ I think she must have got them the wrong way around. This, in itself, is unforgivable, if only all the carers knew what a panic it throws me into when I cannot breathe.

Yesterday wasn’t a good evening as I had a repetition of nausea, starting around 4.3 p.m., I think the worst yet. Certainly at one stage I felt the same surge of burning (or adrenaline) throughout my lower body and I was convinced I would vomit. But in the event didn’t and after a couple of hours the nausea had subsided sufficiently for me to eat a very light supper. I do hope that, Doctor West and colleagues can get to grips with this symptom, ASAP, as it is very debilitating.

‘ Bill and Ben’, our handymen, came round today to give my office a thorough cleaning. As it is no longer used on a daily basis, there is a possibility of mildew and moths, in the snooker table, which doubles as a boardroom table, which a good cleaning should eliminate.

Alice was on the war path today over the provision of a new sling for the hoist – one we’ve got is for a smaller person and cuts into my thighs – and a proper male commode. Both of which were left in Harriet’s capable hands about 10 days ago but so far there is no sign of either of them.

Bukhara stars as England make it. 4-0. Thus ran the headline in the report by David Hopps on the Cricinfo page. The fourth ODI, between England and Australia was seriously interrupted by rain and in the end, although Australia had scored 145 for the loss of seven wickets in 32 overs, the target for England, using the Duckworth/Lewis formula, was reduced to 138 in 29 overs when heavy rain interrupted play once more. Thanks to Ravi Bopara’s fine innings England won the match by seven wickets. with 11 balls to spare. Just one more in this series. to go with the win to England will mean a clean sweep.

Quoting from David Hopps once more, he says that Michael Clarke, Australia’s captain saw no excuses. “It was a wake-up call for the team.” He said. “England were class. A lot of our team┬áhave not faced an attack like that in one-day cricket.”

Today’s diversion is for the music lovers amongst my readers. It is a sacrilegious rendering of Carl Orff’s mediaeval poem Carmina Burana. The music is fine but the lyrics are translated to amuse. I must confess that measures I love this piece. I laughed out loud at some of the so-called translations. Click here if you know this music or would like to be introduced to it.

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