11 July 2012

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I’m pleased to be able to report that I got through last evening without pain or a nausea attack. This may well be down to a slight change in my medication recommended by Doctor West. Instead of just taking one Ranitidine Hydrochloride 150 mg tablet per day, the Doctor suggested taking another one first thing in the morning. On top of the lack of nausea my night carer reported that I slept more soundly that I had done for some time. So it looks as though it might be going in the right direction

One of my good friends from the golf club, Robert (Bob). Lederman saw the following report in The Daily Mail newspaper. Knowing about our Welsh connections, and Dolgellau being close by to where we have our holiday cottage, he could not let this
pass by without drawing it to my attention and expressing his bewilderment about the rubber gloves!

Petty thief Thomas Cato, 23, pictured, was caught pilfering a meat pie and a pair of rubber gloves – while on a suspended custodial sentence for burglary. A court heard Cato was responsible for 50 per cent of all recorded crime in his hometown of Dolgellau, North Wales,
with a population of 3,000 people’.

I was glad to put Bob’s mind at rest and assure him that the young Thomas was not one of my progeny. I was unable to put his mind rest about the rubber gloves.

Poor David Cameron, our Prime Minister, is having had a rough ride over his election pledge to reform the House Of Lords. There seem to be a variety of options from a fully elected house; one with 80% elected down to 20% elected. Peers will be elected for one 15 year term only. At least 100 Conservative MPs failed to follow the coalition government’s line so the Prime Minister has says he will have one more go at persuading the majority in parliament to support his proposal and if it is unsuccessful, on this occasion, he will draw a line under this issue, for the time being, as there are more important matters for Parliament to deal with.

This failure of the government whips to persuade at least 100 Conservative members to follow the party line, together with the liberal parties own agenda, questions the future of the coalition. Sooner or later the Liberals are going to have to flex their muscles as this five-year term approaches an end and a General Election is insight. The knives will be out with the Liberals campaigning on their own agenda, in some instances against issues which they have supported under the coalition flag. It is quite possible that the electorate will take the view that if they vote Liberal they might just as well vote Conservative in the first place, a conclusion which, no doubt, they Liberal party will vehemently deny.

There is a fallacy, predominantly amongst the male population, that men can do anything. Well, even when you are Prime Minister, we have seen this does not seem to be the case. Click here for some more mundane examples of the inability of men to do anything

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  • Mary Walsh says:

    I love your diary and your wonderful courage. My twin sister has MND also (I am her carer)and first noticed tiny problems in April 2008, not diagnoised till Mar 2010. She too has a wonderful attitude though fatigue is a big problem for her. Nonetheless we had a nice holiday in Co. Kerry recently – brought ventilator along of course and hired a sit to stand hoist and it was all worthwhile. Love your sense of humour! Keep well and very best wishes – Mary Walsh, Dublin

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