25 July 2012

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The third of a run of fine summer’s days. The irony is that having waited all winter for a day warm enough for me to get out into the garden, it is now too hot (28°C/29°C). I find that after half an hour or so and in the garden in that heat, that I am beginning to gasp for air. That and the problem of having to arrange carers to hoist me out of my wheelchair into my study chair (unless, I was prepared to spend some hours in the wheelchair, which I’m not) means, that even on these beautiful sunny days, I stay in my study. What a change to all those years that I took advantage of being in the sun in Australia, Cyprus, China, Thailand and Dubai (all of these every year for around 10 years) and then going back in time to Aden, (Southern Republic of the Yemen, previously a British Protectorate) I would happily sleep in the afternoon sun at around 100°C rather than in my air-conditioned bedroom.

Anyone who reads right through this blog will see from time to time visits naturist beaches, in various parts of the world or less romantically, working behind a hiigh windshield in my garden , completely starkers. The point being that all of the last 50 odd years I have used every opportunity to swim naked in the sea or to be where the sun warms every part of my body giving me the feeling of complete freedom. There are naturist’s, like myself, who, who will understand, whereas those more cautious souls who might think the whole thing was disgusting, have, to my mind, missed out on one of the most enjoyable state of being one with nature. Thank heavens, Skype had not taken off in those days!

However, finding myself a prisoner inside the house, rather than in our beautiful garden,
‘my lovely’, using her normal ingenuity, has swept away the pile of books that ran all along the study window sill, which has meant an increase in daylight into this room as well as allowing the opportunity of opening the windows to let in fresh air.

A totally uneventful day, with no visitors. So, I was able to complete my blog and dealing with my e-mails in record time, which meant I was able to lie back and listen to some beautiful music before resuming reading my current book.

.My stock of media from which I draw to amuse my readers is getting very low. So, if any reader has something amusing or beautiful they would like to share with the rest of us please feel free to send it to me. Just click on the icon at the beginning of this entry, and you will be offered a comment box. Take it from there. In the meantime, click here, for something every retiree should do once!

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