27 July 2012

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The big day has arrived. The opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games. Then our case it was a little bit of anti-climax as it did not start until nine o’clock and went on until midnight. As a result we saw nothing of the today but my good friend Paul’ the computer’ downloaded for me and will produce the tape in a day or two. So, as I write in the early morning of 27th., I have no idea how successful was this opening ceremony. Hopefully I will be in a position to comment, tomorrow.

On the personal front, following Doctor Margaret Saunders visit, things are already on the move. One only matters. I discussed with Margaret when she was here was the AG South must now arranged days towards the evening, an hour or two before bedtime. Margaret was quite familiar with other patients suffering from anxiety and could certainly be described medication to relieve the symptoms. However, he did not particularly want prescribed standard medication. Lorazepam,, until I had undergone more assessments. As it happened I have used one of these tablets the last two evenings. In both instances the agitation becoming energy seem to have manifested itself around 6.30 an eternity in the relieved this symptom before going to bed,

In any event, the hospice’s OT (occupational therapist), Mara, is on the case, to pick up on the anxiety issue, which Doctor Margaret believes maybe resolved without medication and the problem with the commode, which is described as nausea in this blog. We have already received a letter from Mara and arranged an appointment for next Tuesday. Mara has apparently already spoken to Avana – the private OT, introduced on the scene two or three weeks ago, I Harriet, the head of Ross nursing, who promised the earth but in the end she became tangled in the red tape and was unable to make progress. However, I have much more confidence in Mara, as the hospice carries more weight, certainly, than a private OT.

We had an unexpected visit from Harriet, last evening, as I was being put to bed. Apparently Sally’s problem with the new hoist had come to Harriet year and so she turned up to watch Sally, and as a result, apparently, decided that some more training is necessary. I have already agreed with Craig, my key worker carer, also myself to assist in this training.

Griggsy and wife, Jill, dropped in, around 11.00, for coffee. Their visit was constrained by the arrival of the 12 O’clock carer but it was nice to see them. Tony has been off regular golf now some months due to his medical condition (the name of which I cannot recall) but seeing him today he appears to be his old self. All of my visitors seem to feel they must bring some sort of gift. As a result I feel rather like a hermit sitting cross-legged in some remote cave in Burma or Tibet. Jill’s offering to the gods was a delicious lemon cake which she had specially baked this morning.

Paul’ the computer’ is on duty at 1.30 until 4.00 so we were be able to get some more work done on the laptop. Still no zoom camera for the Camera Mouse so who are unable to progress that particular development. While Paul was here I was alerted, by one of my readers, that my site was ‘down’ in other words, hackers and being into it. When we contacted Richard (Morris) he was already on the case changing the codification. In acknowledging with thanks Richard’s work in getting the site up and running again. I have asked them if there is no way we can permanently change the codification to prevent this happening in the future. Otherwise it seems at least once a week job, which can take some hours and it must be very trying for Richard. However, he set up the site in the first place, so must be the best person to try to resolve this irritating intervention by others.

I had noticed an increase in the number of sites wishing to ‘register’ with my site; on average two or three a day. Apparently these scam artists latch onto popular sites so that when people are trying to access my blog site their own product advertising will appear. How to stop it; only Richard knows. So far as my own readers are concerned. If you ever see a site warning you that my site is down DO NOT open this site but mark it as Junk.

Although today is the day of the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games as they do not start until 9.00p.m. and lasts until midnight – presumably because the ceremony relies on it being dark – as my bedtime is 8.30, I shall just have to hope that I can pick it up ‘on demand’ tomorrow.

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