30 July 2012

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As we have had little success in sourcing the male commode and wish to clarify what Avana (the OT Introduced by Harriet) has actually achieved or whether we will be better going through the normal channels, I discussed this with Doctor Margaret Saunders, and as a result, she is sent the OT from the hospice to see us today. In the meantime she has prescribed some anti-nausea pills as well, as the anxiety pills which I mentioned earlier-both of which I felt constrained to take, last evening, the trouble with all of this type of medication Is that If It Is to hand there Is always the temptation to pop a pill In order to avoid, In this case nausea or more anxiety, which In the past I had overtaken naturally.

Anyway, we have a fairly busy week ahead, finishing with the good doctor Michael dropping In for one day to check on my condition for going to lord’s for the test match, on my birthday, on 18th of august and then the whole of Chloe’s tribe here at the weekend. An e-mail arrived this morning from the good doctor Informing me that:

Some whisky (6 bottles) will appear this week followed of course by me next sunday,5th (probably about 1000am as the flight arrives at Heathrow at 0630am). Looking forward to seeing you both

I am working In Brisbane, Benalla, Melbourne and Sydney this week so “have miles to go before I sleep”.

See you soon,


I thought I was pretty energetic, but Michael, a couple of years younger than me, appears to win out on this designation.

What about team GB and there performance on Day one of the Olympics. I suppose I have to record the fact that we were disappointed where we had genuinely expected to pick up medals we’ve failed abysmally. Our divers were expected to get into a medal position, in the synchronised diving. Sadly, one small mistake pushed them into fourth place and denied them a place on the podium. Our cyclists again were expected to do well but there was a pileup, at one stage, which cost them a significant amount of time and they ended up 29th.

On the other hand, there was the magnificent performance of our gymnasts who, against all predictions, performed so well that they got into the Bronze medal position. Only a few minutes later, after Japan had finished its performance, they found themselves promoted to silver medal position. This elation however, only lasted few moments, as the Japanese team successfully appealed on some technical point or other and were restored to Silver leaving team GB with the Bronze metal. Bearing in mind the last time we achieved any sort of medal in gymnastics was exactly 100 years ago, this team was to be especially congratulated.

Now for something that has absolutely nothing to do with the Olympics. Click here to read about a crafty jakaroo.

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