1 September 2012

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The weather is very fickle. As we moved towards the end of August we were told that it was the driest on record, then, in the last two or three days the torrential rain was such that the records were reversed and it became the wettest August for 100 years. This goes to show how meaningless records can be.

Dragon was still playing up and at one stage became so erratic and I had to call on Paul’ the computer’, who had been playing with the settings, which may have had something to do with it, combined with my hoarse, but weaker voice. Paul was so good. He happened to be round the corner in his brother Terry’ s works and was here in a flash and solved the problem within a few minutes. We are so lucky to have Paul who has a deep working knowledge of the software.

The irony is that all of this time I have been comforted with the thought that although I will lose the use of my hands and therefore not able to operate the keyboard, I should be able to continue doing my blog using voice only commands, what I had not reckoned on was that as my diaphragm muscles weakened, so would my voice. So far Dragon has continued to recognise my dictation reasonably well not perhaps as well as before my voice started to deteriorate but well enough to make it worthwhile continuing. But bearing this in mind the readers must expect this blog to fade out unless I can think of some way round it.

This would be a great pity as the blog’s ultimate objective was to follow me to the grave demonstrating to other sufferers that it can be achieved quietly, gently and painlessly.

Thus allowing them to draw comfort from my experience. For this reason it is imperative I find some way to continue this blog until the end

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  • Christine from BC says:

    I am sure I am not the only one who has thought this: wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone could help you produce the blog when you are no longer able to do so yourself (Paul “the computer” sounds a great choice). I wonder what he would think of that or even if it is feasible. Just my tuppence worth!

  • DMC says:

    Thanks, Christine. I’m pleased to say that the voice impediment is not as serious as I first thought. Providing idea with my blog first thing in the morning before I have news up too much energy it still seems to work.

    As to Paul’ the Computer’ helping, he is certainly willing but without my personal input it ceases to become my blog so there would be little point in continuing. Anyway, for the time being, the problem has faded.

    All the best


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