3 September 2012

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Michael was up bright and early this morning and off to London to meet with four patients claiming from insurance companies or accidents in which they had been involved and for which Dr Michael will write an independent Opinion.

We are just all recovering from two weeks of wall-to-wall Olympic Games. I believe that, as a country, we acquitted ourselves very well. By that I mean the way we ran the games and how smoothly and without incident they passed off.

Now we are about to start again, this time for the Paralympics. Obviously they are more low-key than the main Olympic Games but nevertheless we have a fortnight of similar events. Personally I cannot get very excited about the Paralympics which readers might find strange coming from a man now spends his life in a wheelchair. My lack of interest derives from the handicapping of the participants. They are already is a row brewing over the length or the springiness of the metal leg substitute for amputees. At least, in this case one is comparing like with like, but the handicapping of competitors with entirely different physical or mental problems does seem to me to be almost impossible to be sure of being fair. I’m sure a great deal of time and effort has been put into attempting to handicap the competitors fairly but if it is working the way it was intended I wonder why, it seems to me, in the same people garnish the medals. How, for example, how does the handicapping committee handicap a competitor whose only handicap is that they had been diagnosed with Asburgers syndrome

For those Anglophiles amongst my readers, this is for you to play at any time you get nostalgic. Just click here.

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