6 September 2012

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An important date almost slipped by without mention from me this, due to pressure of time, rather than any other reason. That day was September 1, the first day of autumn. How quickly that long for day fled by. During those indeterminable winters day when I watched the weather forecast regularly swearing to myself that I would resume my visits to the geriatric golf day’s, on Tuesday, provided the temperature was no lower than 15°C and the wind, if any, was light, then I would get Ollie to take me to the club, the end of summer came six days ago and the number of idyllic days for me to attend the club were very few. Now, we are in autumn, the days are getting perceptively shorter and soon the acceptable range of temperature and precipitation which I have set as my parameter for it going to the club. This then was reinforced by my emotive  farewell yesterday.

The good Dr Michael left early this morning for Paris en route for Sweden. He promises to return, if required, to assist Alice, before he returns to Australia in October, what a great friend and one shared with both of us. When Michael is with us I feel my grade  a tiny bit neglected as Alice dedicates herself to making Michael welcome and comfortable even to the extent of unrestricted access to whisky!

My lovely’ and determined yesterday that we would have acquired day-to-day after the hurly-burly of the last few days. Such a promise is all well and good provided that no external monitor is on your phone to phone you are a year the archive the and move your not only influence can come to bear on it. Just as I was completely my entry for yesterday, I’m reading it through prior to publication, it disappeared. Certainly the heading was there, Blog Diary X but the first 20 or so pages a complete blanks. As happened last time this occurred, a week or so ago, I went through all the places where that could have disappeared to but with no luck. However, I was not concerned, as that wizard, Paul’ the computer’ is due to spend a couple of hours year tomorrow afternoon and I believe that I am correct in saying that Paul has never failed to recover lost material yet.

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