7 September 2012

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The good Dr Michael left early this morning for Paris en route for Sweden. He promises to return, if required, to assist Alice, before he returns to Australia in October, what a great friend and one shared with both of us. When Michael is with us I feel a tiny bit neglected as Alice dedicates herself to making Michael welcome and comfortable even to the extent of unrestricted access to     my whisky!,

Chloe and my last evening just-in-time to give me a kiss before the evening carers left. I had hoped that Chloe and I could    and original last few pages chapter X but, when it came to it there were entries out of order which I could not fix before she left. On this occasion then, we had a few hours when she can relax and think about herself for a change.

‘ My lovely’ and I felt as though we had been pretty busy over the last few days, so as a treat we put our feet are in the afternoon and watched some inane movie.

Looking through my media time library I found this batch of photographs entitled ‘ no words needed’, I share them with you in the same spirit that they were sent to me. Click here and enjoy.

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