9 September 2012

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The way I felt after my visit to the golf club, a couple of days ago, following that to Lord’s, on my birthday, made me realise what a limited amount of energy I had to expend, on a daily basis and, once used up, any further effort would make me feel utterly fatigued.

The possibility that my blog could suddenly come to an end came home to me more forcibly now that I had time to reflect on the outcome of my visit to the golf club. What also came out of that visit was the probability that I would have to resign from the club. As, it would appear, that the likelihood of me going again was remote and, much as it would break my heart, there seemed to be no other sensible course of action. I then realised that using the same logic, the likelihood of me visiting Lord’s again, was even more remote. This then would mean another resignation, bearing in mind the immense pleasure I have received, for 30 years or so, from this membership and the fact that it takes 19 years on the waiting list to get in, made the thought of resignation even more painful. The only consolation I would have is that any of my friends I believe would be happy to take me to either club as a guest, so I need not miss out altogether. Whichever way you look at it, this was a watershed me.

These considerations would pale into insignificance if one compared them when they horrors of the world around them. That these personal matters were more likely to dramatically affect my life, or at least what was left of it, than the other world events. In any event, comforted by the knowledge that some friends would be happy to invite me has their guest, if I am strong to go, would make the letters of resignation not so painful to pen.

Looking at wider horizons, the Paralympics have just finished and by all accounts were a great success. It appears that, as a result of these games, the reception of’ the man on the Clapham omnibus’ is now less antagonistic towards disabled persons. It seems that statistics show that in greater percentage of the population is now more sympathetic to disabled persons than previously. When I say previously the attitude of this man on the omnibus was that many of them were lazy, good for nothing who were sponging on the state and many of them are capable of doing some work rather than living on state benefits I make no comment other than to say that I have seen a number of so-called disabled persons, sprinting for train, just having in one of the free disabled parking spaces, which certainly leads one to wonder.

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