12 September 2012

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Getting down to the hard reality of life, I am thrilled to find that my voice is sufficiently strong in the morning to deal with my blog and it is only in the late afternoon, or early evening, that it has faded below the recognisable volume required to make this whole voice recognition process work at all.

Strictly though, as I understand it, the problem is not so much about volume, as to the amount of oxygen in your lungs when one is active during the day. If one is getting near to the point at which oxygen intervention, during the day, is necessary I suppose keeping an eye on the oxygen level at night, makes sense.

I was due about now for a review at Papworth hospital for non–invasive ventilation. When ‘my lovely’ complained about all the problems we had with the transport last time they suggested that they need not trouble me to attend the hospital but would be happy to arrange for me to have home monitoring. As a result they have cancelled my fellow up appointment and arranged for me to have home monitoring sometime short of Christmas. Clearly my doctor at Papworth seems less concerned than I am and is confident enough to make an appointment as far ahead as Christmas would seem to imply that the Dr is far less concerned about me surviving that long than I am myself.

To be frank, I suppose that with the increased difficulty in breathing I have over emphasised the question of how long I had left. Of course, none of my doctors will speculate on this period of time. They have said, in the past, that much depends upon the patient and his attitude towards his disease. With my positive attitude they have speculated that I could survive longer than the patient who is less determined to live. This is all very encouraging except that my breathing certainly has become more laboured and, I suppose, this has led to a dip in my confidence which in turn seemed to me to imply that I might not even survive until Christmas.

With that fear assuaged and my confidence returned, at least, I know that I have some chance that I will be able to continue to communicate with my readers by voice which hopefully will see me through to the end.

As one or two of my readers have noted that my recent entries display a despondent note and were not following my own objective of Carpe Diem  I  thought I would find something to demonstrate that I am not deeply depressed, or even likely o  be  today so, and to convince my readers that this is my state of mind, I will include something humorous to conclude this entry. The most appropriate material I have in my media library, fortuitously, seems to be some humorous quotations which would seem to fit the bill. Click here to enjoy them.

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