13 September 2012

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Yarn, one of the three carers from Two Counties, who looks after me throughout the night, reported to Alice this morning that I had had the best night’s sleep, possibly for years. I had slept for six hours showing very little need to be turned. So concerned was Yarn that there was possibly something amiss with my breathing, that he became tempted to ask Alice’s permission to wake me up. Fortunately, when he was on the verge of seeking her consent, I woke up and avoided embarrassment to Yarn. The point being that he seems to be an experienced carer who knows that the greatest danger I face at present, is dying through respiratory failure, so he was quite right to respond to any suspicious signs.

Better safe than sorry. There is no doubt that I am sleeping longer and deeper than previously although if you look at the amount of drugs I take, I suspect you would conclude that I am more sedated than asleep. This can be affirmed during the day when I’m feeling I could drop off to sleep at any moment.

Our excitement yesterday was the delivery of our new commode which we had been seeking for several months, despite being told by the social services that there was only one type of commode, which serves for men and women. It was only my persistence, which included a graphic description of the anatomical difference between men and women, which eventually produced a commode which was suitable for men only, and in our case, one that was narrow enough to get into our wet room.

The Report, was published today of the Hillsborough football disaster in Liverpool in 1989 and is where 96 men, women and children were killed , hundreds were injured and thousands were traumatised. The reaction of the fans seems to be now the truth has been established, justice can now follow. By justice, in this situation, it seems that it will manifest itself a series of criminal actions against some of the senior police, in charge that day, many of whom had subsequently retired. Also, it is anticipated that a number of civil actions against police officers will also follow. How justice will manifest itself this way, I can only guess, that the public are seeking compensation. In effect, money which will be paid out of the public purse. If this is the case, and we are faced with potential costs running into tens of thousands of pounds then they obvious alternative is to try to turn this into a class action and arrive at settlement figures and dispose of it once and for all.

This is the time of year when we get the ridiculous report on the National examination results. A level results, for example, introduced in 1951 had a pass rate of 70% until 1982. Since then this pass rate has risen year-on-year up to 98% this. The explanation given by teachers, examination boards and others maintain, that grades have improved over the years because students and better taught and are working harder but critics dispute that.

Confucius he say ‘All students who reach %100 pass mark, will pass!’ Click here more wise words from Confucius.

The big news story of the week concerns the assassination during a terrorist attack on a US diplomatic mission in the city of Benghazi. This event was all the more tragic because this man had worked hard to help overthrow Col Gaddafi and he clearly cared about the Libyan people.

The attack was provoked by the release of an American-made film that depicted the Prophet Mohammed, the founder of Islam, “as a villainous, homosexual and child molesting buffoon”.

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