18 September2012

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The sedated feeling remained with me until I went to bed and as I could not make much sense I decided to keep today’s entry to a minimum.

One thing struck me as I was struggling to dictate something, and that was the loss of power in my voice. I have never considered this might be one of the reasons for not being able to write my blog until the end. I know that I commented on this a week or so ago, but only in passing. Yesterday showed me that this could well be a reason why the blog may have to cease before I do.

This was demonstrated to me most clearly when I’m trying to hold conversation with’ my lovely’. Unless she turned the television down and came quite close to me she simply could not hear what I’m trying to say.

In retrospect it is quite true that as the day wears on my voice grows weaker and this is particularly so if we have had anyone here, even for a short visit, where I had to maintain a conversation.

Many of the changes that I had made work,were in anticipation of completely losing the use of my one splinted finger on the keyboard , and, now I may have to rethink my daily input into the blog, ultimately without using my voice at all. My initial thoughts led me to think that this might not be possible, or at least possible within a reasonable timeframe but on further consideration there were methods of communicating to the computer without using my voice and obviously this excluded typing as, even if I had this particular skill, having now only one finger left, normal typing would have to be discounted.


  • Brita says:

    Have you considered using your eyes to control the computer keyboard?
    I expect your computer expert Paul would know how.
    It would be a shame if you had to give up your blog

  • DMC says:

    We have a Camera mouse, the movement of which, focusing from the retinue of one of my eyes, we shall be tackling over the next few weeks. However, ignoring the difficulties of successfully moving the mouse, by eyes only, into the exact spot, where do you go from there to command the laptop to do whenever you wish the mouse to do, when this in itself is a command delivered orally. So you are then back to where you started

    Don’t worry Brita, I am sure we will sort it out in time and, in the meantime, my early-morning voice is strong enough, for the purpose of Dragon to keep up some sort of daily entry.

    Best wishes



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