19 September 2012

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Thank goodness I woke up feeling fairly normal and it was just as well I did. Around 4.00 am I was woken by voices. When I called out ‘my lovely’ came and told me that we had a serious electrical fault. We are very fortunate in having an arrangement with Chris ‘ the electrician’ who is on call 24/7. He was here within 15 min of calling him. Fortunately just under 3 miles away.

My respirator although being able to run for a short period on its own that still means that any failure in the power source has to be taken seriously. There are several circuits in this house and it is no easy matter finding in which of these circuits the fault lies. A house which started its life in the 16th century and has had serious additions since, is not like a modern house where you can follow the electrical circuit round by lifting the floor boards. Anyway, on this occasion we were fortunate. It did not take Chris: to isolate the problem, fortunately to one of the bedrooms which we do no use on a regular basis. Having found the difficult bit of finding fault she quickly left us functioning as normal.

I continue to get two or three ‘new registrations’ for my blog, daily. I never understood what these so-called registrations were as we have not built into the site any formal registration. I asked Richard Morris and he told me that they came from people who had something to sell or service to be offered and there was nothing much I can do to stop them. Richard explained that with all these people ‘registering’, they do so in the hope that in searching for my site, the surfer come across the site of the very many people who had so-called registered themselves with it, and then accidentally come across my blog having noted that it receives 3500/4000 hits per day, it is worth then tagging themselves to it in the hope that some of the people genuinely logging on might be led to their site. No harm is done either to my site or the site of my genuine readers, it’s just one of those irritations that one has to put up with on the world wide web.

I survived the day in much better shape than I had the day before with all of the effects of sedation ostensibly gone. This reinforced the lesson I had had previously with the morphine tablets. It is too easy to pop a pill, when feeling anxious, but infinitely more difficult to extricate yourself from relying on these pills and, when coming off them, putting up with the side-effects, such as nausea.

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