21 September 2012

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I received a call back today from my Papworth hospital consultant, Dr Michael Davies. He seemed surprised that I had not attended my last appointment. There seems to have been some miscommunication over the need for such an appointment whereby if the hospita decided that the whole business of attending personally required a great effort on my part, though were quite prepared to do what they could over the telephone.

Michael Davies was as surprised as I was over this turn of events. As I explained to him, so far as I was concerned this was very time when I needed Papworth as is evidenced by this present     telephone. C had noticed that over the past two or three days my that breathing had become very laboured. Although I could not say with any degree of certainty that this coincided with the increase in my lorazapam     (my’ anxiety’    pill) I and thought it reasonable to discuss this with my consultant and thus the telephone, call.

, Michael’s attitude was what I expected. If I found the whole business of physically attending a clinic at Papworth, he was quite prepared to do what he could through a telephone consultation. After speaking Dr Michael Davies, we both agreed that I could certainly make the visit to Papworth hospital and Alice wondered whether they could fit morning on they third, fourth or fifth of October, when our own Dr Michael, from Australia, will be with us and good accompanying me to Papworth. Dr Davies promised to look at it and let us have a response on Monday.

I am quite pleased with the attitude of Papworth hospital who had somehow got hold the wrong end of the stick and left with the impression that I could, or would, no longer wish to make the journey to Papworth, for a face-to-face consultation. Michael Davies agreed with me that this was an important time for me to attend regular consultations with the hospital. The fact that there had been an alteration in my breathing, which I now believe was laboured, required some investigation at Papworth to eliminate such things as a chest infection, the possibility of which had been identified at last consultation, about four months ago.            

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