23 September 2012

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Paul ‘the computer’ came round at lunchtime and, as he is much faster than I am, at least having the use of his fingers, he very quickly started sending out my appeal letter to blocks of names in my address book. As so frequently happens, particularly on a weekend when one needs help, the Blog Diary was all over the place. I suspect that it have occurred on one of those occasions when the microphone was activated when the telephone rang, or somebody came into my office and unbeknownst to me picked up gobbledygook in relation to the entry I was trying to make.

To be fair to my readers, I must admit that this is one of the drawbacks of using voice activation, particularly when you use a very highly sensitive microphone. Even after you have told the microphone to ‘go to sleep’ it is listening, in the background, for any command to’ wake up’ or ‘comment on twitter’ or its favourite ‘send an e-mail to…’. If it thinks that you have given any of these commands and you are not following your dictation on the screen, as I rarely do, some lines later, when you actually look at the screen, you will find that the dictation is not in current blog entry at all but is being sent to some unsuspecting person as an e-mail. This may be corrected by reducing the sensitivity of the microphone. Anyway, that is what Paul was trying to sort out for me. He is very nimble on the keyboard and can effect results much more quickly than I can.


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