24 September 2012

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Coincidentally as I was dictating today’s entry we received a telephone call from the Possum people responsible for my alarm button is – wrists; study chair and bed. We have been asking, for two or three weeks, for these people to come and sort at one during these alarms. The lady calling this morning was informing us and our regular engineer, Neil, but not be able to come to us, sometime towards the end of October. This is utterly unacceptable for someone in my condition who needs a 24/7 response as my alarm systems are literally a matter of life or death. I telephoned Possum and spoke to Sue explaining that the emergency service we needed, covering everyone of my alarms is not working in such that they are required then to get someone here, say the following day. I followed this up straight away with another call to Sue who promised to send my request to her boss, Alan Woodcock, so we can discuss how best to handle it.

Shortly after lunch today Jane ‘ the sheep’ came round with Paul’ the computer, as arranged by Alice, who was insistent that Jane should be properly instructed in the use of the nippy respirator before she could be left alone with me. In other words we were to enact some emergency procedures to see how well Jane could react when a real  emergency occurred. Paul, instinctively picked up the calm, but speedy, response to an emergency and therefore we were confident that he could pass these on to Jane.

They spend a couple of hours practising with me as a dummy until we were fairly satisfied to have got Jane to a point where she could respond to an emergency, calmly and efficiently. As a result of me bullying Ross Nursing, I gather that a programme of training has been instigated to ensure that every carer who comes here, comes having been trained with this additional skill.

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