25 September 2012

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The crazy weather continues. As we approach the end of the month we are threatened with a full month’s rain one in one. Fortunately this extreme weather appears to be confined to and the Midlands but somehow we seem to have missed the summer somewhere along the line. These areas are suffering from horrendous floods once again. I heard of one family which has suffered from six floods this year and three is not unusual. Apart from the misery of clearing up each time I imagine that their insurance companies would only give them household insurance cover excluding anything remotely connected with flooding. In this case, what about do you do to protect yourself. Continue to live in a house prone to flooding or, if you decide to sell up and move to higher ground the value of your house will clearly be diminished. Thank heavens if you are not in this boat (so to speak) and spare a thought for those who are. It was only like yesterday that we were all looking forward to the Summer, counting the days down until the end of Spring. Certainly Autumn is upon us after literally a few warm summer days, the number of which can be counted on the fingers of one hand. I suspect, this will prove to be the true extent, of the British Summer this year. I must say very disappointing.

The laptop, or rather the voice activation programme, Dragon, continues to play up. I’m loathe to complain to the Dragon people as I cannot be sure how much of this is down to their programme and how much due to the deterioration in my voice, now a thin higher pitched whine where previously I had a the strong commanding voice. I say that today as, based on my own experience, the accuracy of the Dragon programme has never been higher, so the problem must live somewhere else.

The ever faithful Paul ‘the computer’ had to postpone his visit this afternoon to see what tweaking he could do to improve things. Maybe tomorrow.

For today’s spot of light amusement I include a joke which I have a sinking feeling I have already used before. If so, bad luck. It is well worth hearing a second time. Click here and see if you agree with me.

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  • Penny de Quincey says:

    Hello Mark. I thought you might like to know that we are also fundraising here in Suffolk for MNDA. A dear friend has organised a (classical music) concert in Stuart’s memory at 4.00pm on 7th October at the Jubilee Hall in Aldeburgh. All the musicians have given their services free, so all ticket sales will go to MNDA. All welcome, of course.
    I am so pleased that you’re able to keep your blog going, and that you still have the energy to do it. Marvellous! Kindest regards,Penny

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