27 September 2012

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I suffered an attack of nausea whilst Craig, of Ross nursing, was preparing me for bed. (Not because of Craig, I hasten to add, I have the highest regard for this carer) I took the prescribed dose of anti-nausea pills and after a short while the nausea had passed. One of the problems associated with MND is the fact that I am rarely hungry and even when it comes to eating I want little more than a thick soup. This is because I have developed a fear of choking. How much of this is in my mind and how much is due to the to a weakening of the muscles in my throat, I know not one way or the other, the apprehension is there every time I come to face a meal. I have also developed the same fear of choking when it comes to drinking of fluid. This being so the whole process of meals has become a bit of a nightmare.

Colin, the Possum man, was an hour away from here when we discovered that the new control button for the chair, that he had installed yesterday, did not work. To be fair to him he did not complain about returning immediately, isolating and then fixing the problem.

The last few entries have been more depressing than uplifting. Just to redress the balance click here and look at these truly impressive photographs from the best of National Geographic Photos 2011.

Smiler came home last evening, on his way to an auction house this morning, to pick up one of his recent purchases. As always it’s lovely to see him and learn what is going on in his life.

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